Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello darlings

Its been busy as usual. I am completely disappointed right now because I will not be going to Maple Memories Friday due to the fact that I am scheduled to work the first Saturday of every month. I thought surely I would be allowed to switch for a different Saturday, I even offered to pick up an extra-BUT NO. Yeah. It sucks. I'll survive-but sympathy is appreciated.

Cara asked me to participate in Scrappin Boot Camp. I will be providing massage AND teaching a class! That will be fun.

Plans are full speed ahead for my biz! It is called Flair and Frills and I am custom designing announcements, invitations, cards and scrapbooks. I am currently working on a graduation album for a beautiful Derby senior. It's coming along nicely and I couldn't be happier. Won't be long til Oprah's asking me to design :)


Friday, April 25, 2008

At last.....

A few Slumber Parties pics from last week. Turn your computer to the right-that's Keri's cake. After the completion of the chocolate sprinkle "pubes" and the "popped cherries" she proudly stated, "This isn't one of JODY'S cakes!" LOL
Place your computer back down. This is me showing Kerri what this particular toy would feel like if it there. You are supposed to place it at the tip of your nose for the heightened sensitivity.
Computer to the right again. This is Roeder produly displaying the "Blue Balls" or giant jello penis, and preparing to violate it! It was a riot. I'm gonna see if Steff will let me host one in my room at Ganza........

Saturday, April 19, 2008

TAG-I'm it!

It's about time.....right?!

1)Do u like Blue cheese? Absolutely not.
2) Have you ever smoked heroin? NO
3) Do you own a gun? NO-Iam scared of them
4) What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? None
5) Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Depends on the Dr...
6) What do you think of hot dogs? If they're all beef I'll usually bite.
7) Favorite Christmas song? Oh Holy Night
8) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Coke or Barq's
9) Can you do push ups? Yes
10) Can you do a chin up? Yes-and I think I still hold the record from 8th grade :)
11) Whats your favorite piece of jewelry? My Big Fat Wedding Ring
12) Favorite hobby? Ummmm......
13) Ever been in a car wreck? YES! 2 fairly intense ones that I still suffer from
14) Do you have ADD? NO
15) Whats one trait that you love about yourself? My ability to make others laugh
16) Middle name? Adeline
17) Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. I'm glad Gina and I went to Roeders party-it was a blast. I cant wait for the garage sale tomorrow. I took on my first scrapbook-for-hire project and I'm really excited about it.
18) Name 3 things you bought yesterday? Root beer, scrap stuff, a few groceries
19) Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Coke, root beer (Barqs only) and Sunkist
20) Current worry? Will we make it to the ocean next month?
21) Current hate right now? The "projects" in progress in our home.
22) How did you bring in the New Year? With my sisters, kids and family playing games!!
23) Where would you like to go? TO THE OCEAN! DESPERATELY!!
24) Name three people who will complete this? Gina, has Roeder been tagged, and....
25) Do you own slippers? Absolutely not!
26) What shirt are you wearing? A slinky green tank.
27) Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No-too slick.
28) Can you whistle? Yes-and all my kids have been able to whistle since they were 2!!
29) Would you be a pirate? Maybe for a day
30) What songs do you sing in the shower? I don't sing
31) Favorite girl's name? Aubrey
32) Favorite boy's name? Jace and Hollan
33)Whats in your pocket? No pockets
34) Last thing that made you laugh? A joke in my text. Allow me to share......A young boy asks his grandma, "Grandma, have you seen my pills?! The bottle is labeled LSD." His grandma replies, "FUCK YOUR PILLS, have you seen the dragons flying around?!!!"
35) Best bed sheets as a child? Rainbow bright
36) Worst injury you've ever had? An abcess, hands down.
37) Do you love where you live? NO!!!!!
38) How many TVs do you have in your house/apartment? 2
39) Who is your loudest friend? Wow! Now that I think of it....ALL my friends are loud!
40) How many dogs do you have? 2
41) Does someone have a crush on you? yep
42) What is your favorite book? 5h
43) What is your favorite candy? Reeses pieces at the moment
44) Favorite Sports Team? CHIEFS!
45) What song do you want played at your funeral? Ideally I'd like to have one of those "living funerals, but, I'll go with Amazing Grace
46) What were you doing 12 AM last night? Scrapbooking
47) What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? I love cuddling with my kids.
48)What do you like to sleep in? a t-shirt and panties
49)What is your all time favorite movie? The Notebook-and Sweet Home Alabama
50)If you could do one thing over in your life, what would it be? I believe God does everything for a reason. So although there are several things that SHOULD have changed, it is best left alone.

Ok-Gina, you are tagged. Roeder-you too (unless I missed it on your blog). Heulsman? Michielle? Kathy?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yoganna Love It!

Ok-I couldnt help the pun. I was driving past Inner Works and saw a sign that read Yoga as Medicine. Well I inquired a little and started this morning. The current topic is releaving anxiety and depression. IT WAS AMAZING! I had always heard of breathing in deifferent parts of your body and finding your center and blah, blah, blah. Well-I won't miss another class. I can now confidently complete several poses and fell amazing and worked out. As peacefuol as it is it also raises your heart rate and tones! LOVE IT! Care to join me? It's next Tues at 9!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Enough with the drama

Is it possible that everything was just a giant misunderstanding? If so, then how/why do we let it set into our lives and take us back to high school?! I suppose because the fear of losing someone you love drives you to desperation. Everything seems to be settling down and I'm grateful. My BFF with seniority took me to the Looney Bin Wednesday night. The Sand Man is in town and it was hilarious! Although I myself am not comfortable with being hypnotized, it was quite a riot to watch the rest of them! If you have the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it. I now have a headache thats bordering on a migraine, so you'll have to wait til next time. *MUAH*

Thursday, April 10, 2008


There is hope for me that I reclaim the best friend I ever had. I am understanding that her insecurites prevented her from seeing that there is just comeone trying to come between us causing unwelcome drama. I understand the jealousy this must emcompass, for altough my BFF and I call each other names and act immature-it is our way and our love and I have never been closer to another female. Deep loving friendships are a blessing from God. I am lucky to have found mine and I hope the other person may someday find the same and sort out her difficulties. As for me-I need to ass ure my BFF how much she means to me and I treasure her. As far as friends are concerned, the sun rises and sets with her. Now I just have to make her know it.
Please keep us in your prayers and wish us well as the drama settles down and we smooth out back into daily lives. I cherish each of you reading this as one of my friends. Please know that if I have something to say about you, you'll no doubt know it, for I believe in complete and udder honesty under any circumstances. That being said; I think highly of you and look forward to seeing you-yea YOU! *MUAH*

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time of Death.....

2:00p.m. As painful as it was, I had to call it. After 72 hours of disrespect and anguish, I had to let ____ and I's friendship die. I'm sure those of you reading this can fill in the blank, but out of the respect I have, I will leave it empty. I do not have a cause of death, and although that was originally very frustrating, I am coping with it in my greiving process. There were no warning signs, our realtionship had been very healthy-never even a virus. It was unexpected and alarming. I have the solice of looking back confidently knowing that I was a GREAT friend. Though I have my faults, I have done nothing wrong. That does not, however, comfort me in my time of mourning, for I lost who I thought was my best friend. All of this being said; I haven't had the courage to tell my children yet. No doubt they will be just as heart broken, if not more so, for they had also come to love her and her daughter abundtly. May God be with us during this difficult time.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We gathered together in our Kansas shirts to cheer for our hawks last night. Did you see the game? It was amazing and intense-and WE WON! That was definately the highlight of the night. Especially considering that our laundry room was raining and I have a major, stinky mess. Our roof is being re-done in the back and although it was covered with a tarp for the rain, I have soggy (and did I mention stinky) piles of clothes. And our ferret was swimming too! AHHH! My hubby is at the laundry mat trying to help and the water has been removed so it's just the aftermath now. Oh-and when I weighed in this morning I had gained 2 pounds. :( I am not under 150 now, but hopefully will be again soon. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 7, 2008

WOW! I'm recovering.

What an amazing exciting weekend. If you have not been to Crop Camp, don't let another one pass you by. If for no other reason-go for the food! The best part? The women! Hanging out with Alicia, Kathy, Shandra, Liz, Tracey, Steff, Sara, and Gina! I LOVE YOU GALS! Really! Ahhh......I also got to see Michielle, Ivy, Allison....the list goes on and on. I learned I'm not much for knitting but the class was great! Kathy has really taken me under her wing and I'm so appreciative-with warm fuzzy feelings! I was ocerflowing with emotion. I am so greatful to have this hobby, this opportunity and YOU! *MUAH*