Sunday, December 30, 2007

Did you know....

that I WON the "impossible quiz?" Yep-you read correctly. Although I didn't get ALL of the answers right, I got the most. YIPEEE!! HORRAYY!! I can't wait to see what my prize is. They don't just give ya old junk that you wouldn't want-S.F. gives GREAT PRIZES! That made my day. -Just wanted to be sure you knew.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas success

Hello loyal readers. I hope your Christmas went well. Did you sing Happy B-day to Jesus? We do that sometimes. What? My kids are 6 and under. Presents were wrapped and food was prepared and we arrived to each destination safely. The van was acting up but I think a little Heet did the trick. My grandma Belvas ham was the etible highlight. My Making Memories Carousel and stacker, my camera, and the huge crock pot grandma Ruth got me were my gift highlights. But my fave gift of the year is usually my husbands gift. I have gotten a piece of jewelry every year thus far and this year we got into quite the tiff Christmas Eve. He went especially overboard and apologized quickly, presenting me with a five diamond necklace and earring set! He wasnt immediately forgiven-the cut was deep-but it certainly helped! The kids were overdone-as usual-and had many favorites! We have one more Christmas event at my moms this Sunday. We have to wait for my Vet sis to get in from K-State. I still have a gift for Gina and her daughter-and then we'll be complete! I am preping for homeschool and cleaning up the aftermath. I am duplicating my published CD calender for a January class at Scrappin Time and there are a few things I'd like to send for possible future publication. So-it seems the year will be ending busy! What was your favorite time this holiday? Leave me a comment so I'll know. I don't have a prize to give you-but you'll be in my prayers!

Until next time........

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The suspense is killing me....

Does anyone know Debbie from Scrap Funattic's nickname? It's the only answer I am not sure of in the "Impossible Quiz!" If I don't win one of these challenges I don't know what I'll do! Gah.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home School

We have moved out of the district where my son currently attends Ruth Clark Elementary. Although we dearly heart his current teacher, previous teacher and all other staff, it is against the district policy we attend and he will leave at semester. It about one second to decide on proceeding with home school, as I feel very led to do so. A much appreciated friend from church has been successful at home schooling her 3 youngest for years, and is kind enough to show me the ropes-pray for me not to hang myself with them! I am very excited, have our schedule made out and am fairly confident. I didn't realize the semester ended Wednesday-so we'll be putting a rush on it!

....still not finished with my gifts-niether the ones I'm making or the ones I'm buying. I'll be working diligently! Christmas cards are going out-if I don't have your address, e-mail me now ( or you'll have to wait til next year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to....

HOLLAN! My 'baby' turned 2 today! We had previously celebrated with a party on the 2nd. Because my sister and I were due on the same day, Styker and Hollan are very close-so they had a party together. It was 2-2-2, 2 boys turning 2 on the 2nd. But that was then-and now it's official. We grabbed a book at Wal-Mart and he got a new pair of shoes for todays gifts. All of the others he had been opening, so far his fave being Aunt Gina's Duplo blocks! We also got a cookie cake-I LOVE THOSE-and apparently Hollan really does too. He kept asking for more and I gave in. The sugar rush hit shortly after and he almost saw the end of his birthday, as it apporached midnight! I cant believe its been 2 years already-time really does just fly by.

Chrissy took Jace and Aubrey to church, as usual for Wednesday night. I asked her to stay for inspiration, as I finished Aubrey's baptism layout. We are practicing catholisisim (sp) but because I was raised so devout (we were Catholic family of the year in the 80's) I had to have my babies baptized and appointed God-parents. We were all done by the same priest! -Wait, given todays society, I'd better reword that. All of us were baptizied by Father John. And I'd gotten an e-mail from Creative Concepts editor stating that they were creating a book about scrapping your faith and did I want to send somthing in for review. Anyway-she had my e-mail addres entered incorrectly and I didn't get it until a few days ago and the deadline is the 14th! So I've been stressin and with Chrissy's oversight and support, I finished a double layout, and-it's all right. We'll see what they say. I may try to do something else tomorrow-just to increase my chances. Anyone wanna come over and inspire me? The invites open-just reply!

The Picture You've Been Waiting For......

Well-here it is. As the end of Crop*A*Ganza, I had became such good friends with Liz and Tracey that I asked to take their picture together. They-uh-really love each other and displayed it as follows....

What happens at Crop*A*Ganza stays at Crop*A*Ganza! And in my scrapbook! So-JUST KIDDING! I had too! I knew that you'd be scrolling down in anticipation, thinking your computer wasn't pulling the picture up! I adore Liz and Tracey and decided I couldn't out them ;)

I made these amazing candle holders with my kids' pictures on them for Christmas gifts. I still have a few to do, and I have to add the ribbon-but they are too cute! A special thanks to Kristy Woodworth-she is always finding the best for us. She is truly the kindest, most considerate person I know and I am very thankful for her friendship.

Given that she doesn't read my blog and those of you that do have probably not met her yet-I'll move on! I got my matching mini tote today. I have the regular size pink and bblack polka dot tote, then I purchased the large tote for carrying 12x12 paper, and Karen special ordered the mini tote for me. My set is complete and I am a happier person because of it. Jenn Roeder stocks her mini with candy-I may be a copy cat. I was thrilled to have it, yet it didn't end up being my favorite purchase of the night. On my way out the door I passed the As Tech kids tape covers. I was jealous of Jenn H.'s frog-and they also have a pig. You MUST have one. It's a cover for your dispenser. I LOVE IT! I should probably keep it for my stocking, but I may give myself at least 1 early. The little things that make me smile......

Until next time......

P.S. My darling 6 year-olds latest joke- Why do geese fly south for the winter?

Because it's too far to walk!

Monday, December 10, 2007


An extra shout out to the ultimate bus driver. (Sorry I forgot ya). I miss you and Tracey. Thanks for always thinking of me-I'll call you soon! YOU ROCK! Oh-I've got to send you a copy of the Ganza pick-the one of you 2 molesting each other. On second thought-maybe I'll post it!

In every job that must be done......

there is an element of fun! -Thanks Mary Poppins-I LOVE THAT! I think I'm going to post it on my wall. My first favorite quote however-is my own. "God does everything for a reason!" I try to always remember it. For not matter what happens, or what we think should happen-it's all part of God's plan. I do agree with Jodie's blog today and left quite a response to go with it. I have 1 exception. I will continue making new friends! As soon as last week, I began talking on the phone and getting to know a scrap girl better. I have seen her around and talked before, but I am enjoying our growing friendship! Will she one day decide she does not want to be friends anymore? Who knows? Apparently she wouldnt be the first. But, it would be part of God's plan, as is everything, and I would mourn the loss and miss her, maybe blog about how I hated the high school b.s.-and then move on. So-with that being said-I intend to give the silliness no further attention to which it is not worthy! I enjoy meeting new women all of the time! My new BFF may be just around the corner! I bet there's someone sitting out there right now-just wishing they could be my friend! HAHA! I have everything I need-and most everything I could want-because the secret to life is being content with what you have! (I have to keep reminding myself)!

I think I'm rambling on now-with one thought leading me to the next. Keri-give us an update on the job. Jenn R.-where's the daily comments I so look forward to? Krusty-I'm just flattered you read me! Jenn H-welcome, I enjoy your friendship. Jodie-I'm sorry we're sharing the same sucky feelings right now. Gina-see you tomorrow! Anyone else? If I left ya out right now-maybe I'm not aware you read so ya better leave a message and make me aware. *I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

Until next time........

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hoping This Is It....

So December has already been unbelievable. I'm hoping that one of the following is my tragic event for December and I can now live the remainder of the month peacefully.

My mini-van broke down yesterday afternoon. I was simply turning left and it quit working. We towed it down to my in-laws and when it hit a bump the tow strap ripped off the a/c lines! Brilliant! It's going to Rusty Eck this weekend.

If that's not it, it could be that when I checked our bank accounts online, they were all zeroed out. We have 2 checking, each with a savings and they were all 0, except for the joint account, which was negative. I wrote a check to Applebees when I was 17, for $6. I had ordered a grilled cheese kids meal while with a girlfriend, and this included a small tip. Apparently the check didnt clear. Fast forward 8 years, I am married with 3 children, and the check has occurred intrest, and with fees, I now owe them $981! You read that correctly. They were awarded a garnishment and I had not been notified because of the name change, moving, etc. WTF?!? Bank of America charged us a $100 processing fee, and then all of the bills coming through went against it and occurred fees as well. GAH!

Or it could be that we were going down stairs to play trains and my almost 2 year old tripped and gashed his head open above his lef eye. A trip to the ER and 3 stitches later, he's fussy but hanging in there.

Surely that's it, right? Are your thoughts and prayers with me? It can't be bad karma, as I am living life good-even volunteering! Lord-if there is anything else-please-just make it clear-I cant handle much more. The strain the stress brings into the household is unhealthy!

I am staying positive. Karen called, and I get to cover for Debbie at Scrappin Time Tuesday. I'll be there from 1 til close if you get a chance to stop by. I'd love to see ya. I'll also be there Monday night for my Recipe class-it's never too late to start!

Oh-and the best news of all. I have been published! I sent in a CD calendar I had made to Creative Concepts and it is featured in their upcoming January issue! It's on page 6! Just look me up and I'll give ya an autograph! HA! -See I'm hangin' in myself. It's a little overwhelming but nothin we can't handle. We have our love, and our children, a warm home with food in the cabinets, and TONS of scrapbook supplies! What more does a girl need?!

Until next time......

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dreading December......

For a few years now I have dreaded December. Its with good reason. I absolutely LOVE the holidays but just about EVERYTHING horrible that has heppened in my life, happens in December. I was in a bad car accident, I lost a baby, I was hospitalized from domestic abuse- just to name a few! So, needless to say, when December approaches, I get very anxious. According to "The Secret," you bring into your life what you put out. I am therefore trying to think positive. Please keep me in your prayers-at least through the new year!

I have been working on Christmas cards tonight. I didn't anticipate using so muchbbon, so I'll fin riish them another day. I still have several gifts that I'm making that haven't even been started yet! GAH! That doesn't even include preparing for my receipe class and then my layout class! That's why I am currently up and it's almost 2am. I picked up a few things for Christmas. It feels good to be more prepared-it's approaching quickly. We went to see Santa Claus yesterday. It was very traumatic for my almost 2 year-old, my oldest son took great pictures and was a perfect gentleman, meanwhile, my daughter sat upon his lap and expressed that she wants EVERYTHING! Yep.

Please also send extra thoughts and prayers out to my BFF2, Gina. Without divulging too much, I will say that she is going through a VERY difficult, life changing time right now and could use all of your support. I love her dearly, but I cant make all of her choices and I cant take all of the hurt away. Its SO frustrating to be on the sidelines right now. I know that "God does everything for a reason," and it will all be exactly as it should, it just takes time.

Well, I can hear the ferret (the children's adored Christmas present) trying to escape from his cage-so I'd better wrap it up. Hope all of you are well.

Until next time........

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby Shoot!

So I had a photo shoot scheduled with my new nephew today. Here is one of my favorites.
I have had an emotional exhausting day. One of my dear friends has decided that we are no longer friends due to silly, high school, misunderstanding drama. We all know how that feels, right? I will miss her, as I have, and it is my hope that everything calms down and we could rekindle. We both have a lot going on in our lives right now, affecting our actions and thoughts at times.
My daughter has been a nightmare today. We've really gotta crack down. She is unbelievable! My greatest challenge. I'm babysitting nephews tonight. My littlest sister is a dancer and I have her son, Braxyn, through the night. Then, Brandis, the one with Tryten, has a massive infection in her right breast. She had been nursing but it has gone up into her arm and she is miserable. Shucks, I'll have to keep the baby for the night! We were having trouble getting ahold of the nurse. But Dr. Craddock ROCKS! So we'll have to suck it up.
We helped Gina's Girl Scout troop make gifts today. They will be received at the Festival of Giving next week. That was fun. Savannah stayed to play and we had an eventful day. Gina came to hang out tonight, that was fun. Chris' grandma will be staying with us through the year. She has a few habits I'll have to break '0 but I love having her here. Gina and I were at the Derby Wal-Mart til 2 am and I got her a stocking.
The crop was fun. I didn't get a lot done, as ladies had questions and needed help. But it was productive, and I love being needed. Jennifer H. showed me how to make a sliding card-that was way worth it on its own. THANKS AGAIN JENN! Calvin, Karens husband was with us for the night, Karen's been sick. She has a lot of great new stuuf in that I'm anxious to play with. We are all very lucky in the local scrap wprld. AMAZING women have done an AMAZING job of taking care of us. Debbie, Steff, and Sarah are priceless, I've been to Scrap Funattic since the day it opened and couldn;t live without them. And don't forget Peggy Engel from Hen Feathers. They prefer quilting, but shes the classic mom, and very sophisticated. I dont stop by often enough but she said they;ll be getting new scrap stuff soon too. All of her paper is buy one get one! And Karen is doing a great job getting started. I'm trying to help-as I love everything ivolved in scrap world and it feels good just to sit amongst the stuff! So-THANK YOU SCRAP STORE OWNERS! YOU MAKE KEEP US HAPPY and we know it's a lot of work. I think I speak of many when I share my gratitude.
I'm gonna go snuggle that wee one now. And sniff him! Yep-you gotta love the smell of new born babies!
Until next time.....
P.S. Thank you to all that post comments. I really appreciate feeling loved. Welcome Jodie! I look forward to getting to know you better. How's your nose?!