Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas-MY mom's style.

*Be sure to scroll down to my previous post today, after you finish this one-it's not to be missed!

I made the kids wait for daddy to get home and then we got down to business. Each of the giant bags was filled with our 'stocking' goodies.

Do you think Jace was enjoying himself?! HE had already discovered his much coveted "Ash Catchem" hat and zero gravity car-and then he found his Chiefs stuff!! lol. Aubrey investigated every detail. Hollan had to change immediately when he found monkey jammies and then he began playing with his Wonder Pets toy-and he hasnt stopped!

Even daddy had several nice surprises, including the world's smallest fishing pole and a new auto wrench. It's hard to cath him with a genuine smile-so I love this pic.
These are just a sampling of the MANY photos I took. In hind sight, I shouldnt have evn picked up after round 1 of Christmas, because you certainly couldn't tell. My sisters and mom will be celebrating Christmas tonight, fortunately (?) they don't read my blog so no secrets are revealed. lol. Their celebration will include a "dirty Santa" gift exchange. That is so wrong! lol. We will be attending Phillip and Jen's New Year's Eve family-friendly party from 7:30 until about 9, at which point we will go to Jason and Kelli's and ring in the New Year a little quieter. I'd like to create a little today, and polish up my Resolution list. lol. -more to follow on that!

I wish you a very blessed New Year, full of a joy and peace for you and your loved ones!

You're gonna want one....

My mom's Christmas package arrived, much to my delight. I saw the U.P.S. truck pull up the Court and I anxiously waited at the door for hime to deliver our giant box full of treasures! Seriously-the kids were still picking up and I dove in! The first thing I saw was this beautifil bag, decorated in my favorite color combo pink/black/white (in that order). Inside were more amazing, hand made creations. Now this is no small feat for mom because she has a lot of circulation problems and Fibro. So it was quite a surprise-and a cherished one. Look at all of the details on the vest, and the jacket! BEAUTIFUL-and did I mention cherished?! Aubrey was delighted to find a purple set for herself! (I'll get some better-unmodeled pictures to share). *that's a note pinned inside my jacket-telling me to spot clean only. lol. They are hung nicely in my closet-but I'm thinking of displaying them in my matching craft room! Thanks momma. You're a gem. (and the best gift giver EVER)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Catching up....

I have FOUR posts today. Yep-this one and 3 MORE! I wanted to tell things individually, with the pictures to accompany the occassion. My moms package is supossed to arrive today! I can't wait! She is the BEST gift giver!!! It is such a joy to check the mail this time of year! And U.P.S. never has anything bad to deliver!! I'll be cleaning up and doing a New Year business plan until then. Enjoy the following.

Christmas Eve

What a joy. We started a new tradition for Christmas Eve-PIZZA! Afterwards, we opened family gifts. This has been my family tradition since I was little, including that each person take turns, youngest to oldest. We got the kids each a new set of jammies for the night and an activity. My sister Brea sent them each a special stuffed animal that accompanied the certificate entitaling them to NAME THEIR OWN STAR!! I had to have a picture of them in their classic Rudolph shirts-too cute-and they lit up! (-love classic Rudolph)

Shortly after presents, the doorbell rang and we had our own carolers!!! Our elders from LDS got to choose one family each and our beloved Elder Powers chose us! What a delight. They also brought amazing frosted sugar cookies! A perfect way to end the evening!

Christmas Day

Christmas day was peaceful and brought the joy of the season. As I previously stated, Santa was generous. We ate brunch and enjoyed our new gifts. Even the dogs got just what they wanted! And di I mention Santa brought us a new Dyson vacuum?! I had made the kids add it to their list to be sure Santa heard. lol. and We called all of our loved ones back home to wish them our love and holiday cheer and then we went to Brian and Danielle's for Christmas dinner. There were four of us couples, along with our kiddos and I LOVE that everyone has become such close friends. Danielle made traditional lasagna, we brought the salad, Jen and Phillip brought the bread (long story ;) and Jason and Kelli brought dessert (Kelli made fabulous pies that no one had room for following dinner)! lol. Despite being a little behind schedule, it went off without a hitch. The kids had there own two tables (one for buys, one for girls) and Danielle brought out the china. It was peaceful and intimate and one of my favorite Christmas' to date. Following dinner we had the adult gift exchange. Chris and I ended up with awesome pressents. Mine is a set of tall mugs that say "naughty" on one side and "nice" on the other and he got a "National Lampoon's" set which he loves. We played Imaginiff-a game of getting to know each other. It brought tons of laughs and shared joy and coined the phrase "He got it from the ass!" -rofl-thanks Kelli. That's a whole other story. lol, and Brian can now be called Marvin instead. It got late and everyone rounded up about midnight. We couldn't ask for a better group of friends here. It really is home now.

*You'll have to review the phots backwards to accompany my journal.

Christmas Lights

Ever since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed going to look at Christmas lights. We would load up as a family (hoping you got a window seat) and venture out one night during the holiday season. Now with my own children, we would drive through The Lights on St. Paul every night on our way home in Kansas! I love Christmas lights! So naturally; I had to find the best Albuquerque has to offer- thus winding up at The River of Lights. They transofrm the Botanical Gardens into a walk-thru display. Bundled up-we set out. Just outside the gate were authentic carolers!! They were amazing-as you can hear in my video-and kind enough to pose with me. The lights here are very different. They were rope style lights put into hundreds of different designs. Some were set to music, others were mechanical (like the dinosaur). The normal James and the Giant Peach style garden was turned into a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style candy land. I caouldn't resist-as you can tell!! It was interesting, enjoyable, and best of all-great to have a family night. We had a fantastic evening.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

and a special Happy Birthday to Jesus!! Without Him we would be nothing.

Christmas Eve traditions included pizza and presents! The kids were quick to put on their new jammies but not so quick to go to sleep in them! I was beginning to think Santa was not going to make it! lol

My hubby gave me a set of 1/2 carat, princess cut diamond earrings! They are absolutely delightful. I would share a picture with you but I've already put them in-and they SCREW out-so they're permanently in place!

Santa was over indulgent, as usual! He even brought our family a new Dyson!! YES! I will be happily vacuuming away soon-but not too soon. Our house could easily be declared an F5-the aftermath is devastating! lol Chris and I snuggled up on the sofa and dozed a little while the kids enjoyed all of their new luxuries and watched their new dvds. We will join our couple friends and their familes at 5pm for cocktail hour, followed by Danielle's traditional lasagna at 6pm! I am looking forward to an intimate evening with close friends. I really miss our family back home, however the peace and humbleness that the season is truly about is quite-well peaceful.

My hubby said-who won your giveaway?! So it was time to draw. I can honetly say that I really enjoyed the stories you ladies were willing to share with me. I am blessed to have you in my life. That being said-there can only be one winner and my official "drawer" this time was Hollan, my 3-year-old and he chose "The Tucker's and Wolek's!" Angie, please e-mail me your address and I will get your goodies sent out this week! (

I tuly wish each of you reading this the best holiday season possible, complete with the spirit that accompanies it, and everything your heart desires. Blessings, Brynn

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Giveaway

My blog is progressing amazingly! The traffic feed shows visits from around the world!! Unbelievable. I got my Etsy store up and going this week (Flair and Frills) and made an incredible design team (Faith Sisters)! So-in honor of new found blog friends, my continuing pursuit of scrap fame, and the spirit of Christmas - I have a gift for you! Is there anything better to receive at Christmas than scrapbook supplies (other than diamond stud earrings and a Dyson vacuum)?! I think not! So here's my proposal-share with me (in my comments) your favorite Christmas memory, specifically related to the spirit of giving, and I will send you a box full of brand new goodies, including acrylic stamps, fiber/ribbon, distress stickles, and lots of other fun stuff it would take too long to mention! You have until Christmas Eve, at which time I will draw a name from those applicable and announce the name of the luck lady on Christmas Day!!!

I can't wait to check in and learn more about each of you! May you find peace and happiness as you finish up your holiday prep. I finished my first ever banner (inspired by my blog friend Lori) and my (increasingly beloved) Secret Scrap Sister surprised me with a beautiful set of Crate Paper items on my front porch this evening!
I am just so very blessed for the life the Lord has given me. Thank YOU for being a part of it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

In awe!

So-did you see whose name is listed under New Membvers for the Creative Challenge Team of Faith Sisters?! Yep-that's me!! I can't believe it. They are SO amazing. They share their faith, and love of scrapbooking with weekly scripture challenges and even a gallery! I am honored and humbled to design for them!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh yeah.....

So.....this is my latest personal creation. It's copyrighted but I'll be posting it in my etsy store! I LOVE IT! YEP-it's a scrapped bra!!! I'm not sure how many scalloped circles I used, plus an endless amount of bling and adhesive. It is now proudly hanging in my scrap room and it makes me smile.

I redid my mom's necklace. I just wasnt happy with that purple out come-so I'm posting a pic of the front and back of the final outcome. It shipped out two days ago. I hope she likes it. It will also be posted in my Etsy Flair and Frills store, as it can be customized in so many ways.

My hubby ran to the border last night! Being here in NM is the closest I've ever been to OLD Mexico ;) He and his new BFF Scott went in surch of the Disney outlet from South Cali. Treasures should return home soon-with him TOMORROW!!! YEA!! (Yea that he's home-gifts are just a bonus).

Christmas is pretty much wrapped up-less a few big Santa items! I surprised at how complacent I am this holiday season, and I quite like it! I would be fine without any gifts and I'm grateful to be grateful for what I have-without even faking it!!! (lol) Now I'm going to try to be grateful for all of the laudry that awaits me.

Monday, December 15, 2008


First of all, there should be frequent shipping rewards, especially if you jus moved. lol. I think I deserve a VIP membership to USPS, including a "go to the front of the line" card!! Who do I need to talk to about that?!

Aubrey, Hollan and I ran errands in the snow today. The snow still continues to fall down heavily, blocking any view of fthe mountains. It is white everywhere, and magical. The kids couldn't wait to get out and play in it. They finally got their wish around 5pm, after Jace got home from school.
Above are all of the hot cocoa sundae cones we made for gifts. They have been waiting for me to give them tags and I finally got it done! Also-the necklace I made for my mom. I thought loved it but now I'm not so sure. It has black velvet ribbon with a silver clasp and all of the gandchild names are on the back. Maybe it's the flower I dont may change!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

They always say time flies!

So-my baby is three now!! It's amazing to me because we have an entirely different life too. It's almost surreal, as I'VE become such a big girl as well!! Once I showed him how to make three with his finger, he was delighted to pose for me!!

We got the dogs new jingle bell collars for the season. I'm not sure how long I can stand it, but the kids think it's great when Haan shakes rally fast and sounds just like Santa! Haan is not so amused, Buttons tolerates it.

I've been creating, trying to finish gifts that need to be made. Plans changed a little, but I'm content with the outcome. No calandars as I had planned, but oh well. My big sis buys for all of us and doesn't have children herself, so the little "Bea's Mom" necklace is for her. Beatrice is her beloved doggie and becuase she is a Dr. I kept it simple. The black and green button necklace is for my BFF Chrissy. She doesn't adore the rings as I do but I think she'll have a hard time not loving this-especially with the dog house charm I added!!

I hope that all of your holiday prepartions are progressing well. I've got some more stuff to accomplish, check back soon!!