Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I know I'm usually better at updating. My only excuse is my disposition. I just haven't felt like doing ANYTHING and I DESPISE that. I'm trying to make a few changes so we'll see. On with the update.....

We didn't see any other balloons flying for the fiesta after that day. Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday's events were cancelled due to the winds. My dad, step-mom and big sis made it in and although they didn't enjoy balloon fiesta, enjoyed their fast trip. We played cards that night and it was awesome. I used the timer on my camera for the first time ever to get a pic. We made it to the balloon museum and walked around the fields waiting for mass accention which was later cancelled. Oh well. It was great to see them and show off my house ;)

Chris worked a TON last week, sometimes 20 hours a day. I missed him terribly and fortunately it slowed down for the weeked. Our neighbors annual Halloween party was Friday night. It was delightful to meet everyone and make new friends (my coordinating shirt says "hearse"). Chris was beginning a staph infection on his right hand going into our anniversary Sunday. I demanded he go to Urgent Care for antibiotics, although I'm not sure they're helping now. It was otherwise uneventful, and that's ok. I know the unGodly pain that accompanies it, so I've tried to be pretty lax. Monday, Hollan made my day with what has to be my favorite picture (since the tutus)! I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Things are coming along, just not as quickly as I would hope. Aubrey will start preschool next Wednesday. She's looking forward to it. Jace is moving along nicely and Hollan is a sweetheart. I woke up to his precious little kisses all over my face. Maybe that accounts for my good mood and motivation today!

Hugs and LOTS of misses. MUAH!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chasing Balloons!

Yesterday the kids and I enjoyed our morning chasing dozens of the hot air ballons circulating the area for the 2008 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! It has been YEARS since I've seen a hot air ballon and now there are literally HUNDREDS! We caught up with about 10 and enjoyed watching them land. It is absolutely magnificent. We will delve into the Shapes Glodeo tonight, where all of the character balloons and others are presented in the dark. My dad, step-mother and older sister should arrive tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to their familiar faces.

On a sadder note-I must recognize the danger that accompanies these wonders, as 2 accidents occurred this morning, leaving 1 man dead and 2 others seriously injured. I admire the dedication and skill that is required for our enjoyment.

P.S. Sorry about the view. Turn your monitopr clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then clockwise ;) I rotated them twice and they're continuing to display this way. Enjoy in spite of it. MUAH!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well......we have been here in Rio Rancho over a week and Jace decided that that was long enough to not have visited the Emergency room. The group of boys he hangs around with brought him home just before 6, telling me that they were racing and Jace flipped up in the air and landed on his head! Apparently on the turn, he hit another boys tire, went over the handle bars (no helmet) and tried to break the road. So-the dr. said if it were under any other circumstances he could just be a boy and recover-but the chance of a slow bleed was fairly high. HELLO! We arrived, waited, saw the nurse, waited some more-and then he runs to the trash can and begins vomiting! -NOW I'M freakin out! The nurse said they would get him into a room immediately and although he was still acting goofy, full x-rays and a cat scan were ordered, as you can see. Outcome:everything's fine. THANK YOU JESUS! Home at midnight-he's still pretty sore.
On another note. My thoughts and prayers to my dear friend Michielle and her family, experiencing grief and everything that comes with it. I hope we made her day a little lighter this morning.
Hugs and misses.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Make my day!

So I've been well....quite a bit home sick the past couple of days. I miss my sisters, I miss my frinds, I miss Taco Tico and grass. 2 things that REALLY made me smile?

1.)Aubrey and Hollan went upstairs while I made lunch and returned like Swan Lake, spinning pirouttes for my approval-which they definately received! Dad would not be proud-but he doesn't read my blog-SO ENJOY THE EVIDENCE!!

2.)Yesterday was especially wearing. I love my children more than this entire worls, but I think we enjoy each other more with a few breaks every now and again. Tht being said-it's been 6 WEEKS 24/7 and I DO NOT enjoy being a single mother and admire my hubby for all of his help! We got home from the homecoming parade last night (that's a whole other story) and were settling in for the night when the doorbell rang. Who could it be? A neighbor wanting an egg? NOPE!! The flower delivery man. Surely he had the wrong address-my husban has NEVER sent me flowers. "Thornburgh?" he asked. YES!!!! A BEAUTIFUL arrangement with yellow friendship roses from my lovely surrogate mother/BFF Michielle! Awwww.... I teared up. The thoughtfulness from such a dear friend really warmed my heart. I didn't even take her flowers when she had surgery! (but in my defense I made her a little something special ;) So that was amazing and I needed to feel close and cared about. EXTRA hugs and misses to her today. If I had one wish for my Saturday (besides a million dollars, eternal health for my family and my hubby here) it would be that she and I were on an Indian hunt (can't explain ;), laughing and shopping endlessly through NM!!
Lots to do, as usual. Blessings to each of you that care about me (but don't call the florist ;) SERIOUSLY!! I appreciate all of your thoughts, well wishes and prayers. MUAH

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Last night the kids and I took advantage of our huge driveway as an easel for our chalk creations. I've been trying to do something fun with them each night. The random lines are from Hollan, Aubs focused on shapes and I love Jace's giraffe-but not as much as I love daddy (and miss him)! Oh-and he drew a Freakin EASY button with a little caption that says"Well that was easy!" I think he'll be getting one of those for Christmas!

The view last night was amazing. I love how the mountains look with different weather. The shadow form the clouds, reflection of the sun-BEAUTIFUL! Last night there was plenty of PINK! Awesome. Jace thought it looked like a volcano.

I spoke with my surrogate mother/BFF Michielle last night-until my phone went dead. It was refreshing and nice to hear someone laughing at my daily parenting challenges. Love her.

Hope you have a great day! Muah!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Chrissy and Gina threw me a lovely surprise gowing away party last weekend. I really was surprised too! My mom's husband Mark had me suspicious slightly prior but pulling up to the house I had NO CLUE!! There were no cars, as they had parked around the bend. Oh-and I was dressed to the nines in my new 'flapper' dress (from Savage Threads) because they had told me to dress up and were taking me to eat at The Olive Garden (my fave). So, upon seeing my GRANDMAS there, I called Chris to bring me some jeans! The best part (besides having everyone there for last hugs of course) was the FOOD! Everyone brought my favorites and I had plenty of left overs for the week-and the trip! Chrissy got me the most FABULOUS little Dorothy presents, my FAVE being the glitter globe, it has Munchkin land around the bottom, it plays somewhere over the rainbow and the ruby slippers click together! My (big) sis got the kids a book called S is for Sunflower and it goes through the alphabet relating each letter to Kansas! BRILLIANT-and thoughtful! She also got a bottle of 4 Sisters wine for us to pop and share.

It was bitter sweet. If you didn't get an invite-sorry-I obviously didn't make the list but it doesn't mean I love you any less. wink. These are JUST A FEW of my favorite pictures!

P.S. THANK YOU to everyone who loves and supports me in this crazy life change. I couldn't do it without you and I am blessed to have you in my life!