Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost a month?!

Time flies-especially when you're under all of the symptoms of a new pregnancy. I've felt more myself the past few days than I have in a few months. I'm hoping it will continue. I've just been so down on myslef for not being everything I want to be. I haven't scrapbooked or created in 6 weeks now-you can't even walk into my studio it's in such shambles. The house is in pretty good shape, so that eases my pressure. I was assigned the leader of our new Women's Bible Studay at church-that's been the highlight of the month! I really feel called to be exactly where I am. Praise God for that. We have had immense trouble with our renters (previous) in Kansas. It's been almost unbearable (and I haven't even been dealing with it directly), prompting a 3 day trip to KS for Chris and the 2 littlest (DYING to be with grandma). Jace and I had an uncomfortably quiet weekend, I tried to make it special for him. Now, I'm seeking motivation, having begun my Monday morning with pharmacy frustration costing me $100 for a ruined RX. Ugghhh.... I just thought I should start blogging again-even if there's no pictures and it's a little down for my personal taste! lol. Hope all is well for any of you that still check this thing! Blessings.