Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the winner is.....ME!

I had a rough day yesterday. Mentally my mind just WOULD NOT quit- and I HATE that! It was a nice delight to see a comment from A Day! Who knew she read me?!? Gina says it's my bodies way of reacting to treating it the way I had (as in running)! I weighed today and have gained a pound but I'm really not to down about it. One of our other gals is really feeling down though, I may need to place an encouragment call. And although I don't want to call her out-please keep all of us in your prayers, as times have been hard for most.

Anyway-I'm feeling as though I'm just rambling with not enough flow-so I'll go!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shaking up.........the FAT!

I RAN TODAY! I couldn't possibly tell you the last time this occurred! It felt really great inside my body but all on the outside my fat was shaking everywhere. If you're ever unsure if you have extra fat to take care of, take a run. That being said, I may do it again.

The garage sale went well. I made a little over $200 but most of it's gone already. What can I say? Karen got new stuff in at Scrappin Time and I did a little Easter Bunny shopping.

I painted my toenails green tonight. Aubrey's too. Not bright-like a mint green. Oh-and I won a gift certificate to Luxe nails so I'll probably get some acrylics put on as I've been feeling really girly lately!

My scrubby is patching up our hallway. It has needed done for a year? But who cares-it's is being done NOW! And we're wall papering. A light green-kinda like my toe nail polish come to think of it-with a little bit of texture. I'm thrilled. (He's proving himself after Valentine's Day, and I'm hoping it continues).

Hollan had his surgery successfully Friday. We were home by 9. He's still a little fussy but overall on the mend. We're looking forward to a busy season moving in.

Talk soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still not so well....

My hubby and I have not been going through our best time, to say the least. Marriage is SO HARD sometimes! Yet, now that I read the S.F. blog, I am thankful not to know the anguish of Jackie. My heart goes out to her. So-I intended to let some of it out, but find it so trivial right now. Hope you are well, healthy and happy. B.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The day after

So-it didn't get any better last night. And I'd just like to point out that it wasn't about me "getting something." It was about not being appreciated, not feeling loved and then, it turning into nthe worst Valentine's Day I've ever had. It's now officially been a bit over 24 hours since I've spoken to my husband. Not even a peep. Do I still love him? Of course. Do I have any desire to talk to him now. Not really. It would have been hurtful on any day-but on Valentine's Day-it will take awhile longer.

In other's been crack down time at the Thornburgh house. The kids have gotten pretty lax and it's time that they listen. This has included a lot of consistency and a little screaming. The combination seems to be effective ;) The highlight of the day was that my order from Oriental Trading came! I only placed it 2 days ago so it was a nice suprise. Gina and I ordered together. Everything is SO cute. I cleaned in my scrap room so that I can be productive again. Gina and Savannah came over tonight (the 2nd highlight) and the kids played and we played too! I want to begin an invitation, greeting card, announcement business. I'm having the most trouble with a creative, appealing name! Something using creations, designs, etc. Maybe Dandelion Designs? Any comments, suggestions? They would really be appreciated. My ultimate goal? That my little pieces of heart travel around until Oprah sets eyes on them and requests me to design for an event she hosts. IT WILL HAPPEN!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day?

I really enjoyed work today-Sofie, Tara and Joyce came in. Then I headed to get the kids and do Valentines. I passed my son's bus as I was turning onto the street! Ahh! So I walked in and he was chillin on the sofa-already had the t.v. on! My baby sister showed up and asked why I wasn't ready. Ready for what? But then my husband came home and took me to Itailian Garden. That was a nice suprise. As we waited on dinner he slid a velvet box across the table....
NOT! All down hill from there. We stopped by Home Depot and then went home. I really enjoyed seeing the kids and giving them their treats. They had their annual balloon fight. The highlight would have to be giving the baby a warhead candy! His face was priceless! Chris said good night. I called Gina to wish her a Happy V. Day. I teared up as she asked what Chris got for me. He TRIED to get a fruit bouqet I explained-"so you got nothing?!" Yep-not even worth a card! And now-as I blog-he's standing over me telling me how much I don't deserve anything because I can't clean right or keep up on the laundry, and.... my tears are clouding my vision.

Hope yours was better than mine.....


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Preparing for LOVE day....

Work was steady and therefor enjoyable. Karen has been in an exceptional mood lately-so that always helps ;) Valentine's were purchased just as they were released. They have been filled out and are ready for delivery. My personal Valentine's are in transit (most of them) and co-ordinating outfits are lined up for the kids. My shirt says "Taken" in sparkly silver letters! Yep. My husband said he'd like his back window re-tinted. Not your typical Valentine-but whatever makes him happy! I'm sure his day will finish with a happy ending-and isn't that really all that matters?!

I shall be off to cleaning up the disaster area......


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

See-I'm still goin

So although I knew it was spelt weird ;) I still spelt it wrong. My apologies to M-I-C-H-I-E-L-L-E! That's kinda like Brynn. I'm either Bryan or Brin most of the time. Lol. So it's been busy busy playing catch up from the weekend. The FEMA declaration has not been lifted just yet, but we should be cleared by the weekend. I had my nephews today, as I do every Tuesday, and it was CRAZY! Gotta love a house full though. I don't even try to pick up until the end of the day. This Tuesday started the switch for my monthly recipe class. One of the regular ladies had an issue with Mondays so we moved it-and SHES the only one who didn't show up! I was NOT as prepared for my class as I should have been. I didn't schedule ahead enough to account for Ganza! Yikes! Fortunately, not in too much trouble. Just have to be sure it doesnt happen again. Ho harm done, everything complete and done by 9! But the best part of gettin to Derby? The new Reminisce "For Shore" line! AMAZING does not even begin to describe it. I saw previews and requested that Karen order EVERYTHING and now that it's here (and $60 later) I proudly own it all! It's a summer line with penguins. The girl penguin has a bikini top and hula skirt and the boy penguin has swim trunks, eating a popsicle! Then there's the stamps, button brads, flowers, journaling....AHHH!!!! I L-O-V-E IT! And the papers are all 2 sided with little glitter accents. You simply MUST come see it (and I suggest quickly cuz it's selling fast)! I'll be back there to open the store Wed. so if you're out and about, stop by and say hi. (And if it's around lunch time-remember your friend Brynn)!

P.S. Thanks Michielle and Tracey. I REALLY enjoy seeing comments! Yes-I was refering to you Michielle-it's justy GREAT to have met you, and Tracey, I didn't realize how much I missed you and Liz! Will either of you be attending the Get Scrappy event? I'll be sitting at the cool people table!!


Monday, February 11, 2008

In honor of Mischelle Did I spell that right? And has it really been this long from my last post? I'll try to recap. Aubrey had an abcess at the beginning of January. Only she and I have ever had them. It is a boil filled with Staph infection. Nasty and disgusting to say the least. Then Jace and Hollan were sick with crud-thought we'd cleared it up until Hollan came down hard with 1 1/4 lungs full of pneumonia and rsv. VERY sick and the hospitals were full. So we had home health care, breathing treatments, etc. It took a good 2 weeks before he was moderately healthy and then I developed an abcess it is currentl packed to drain and DIS-GUSTING! That brings me fairly current. Crop*A*Ganza! I successfully rubbed the worries away on tons of women! Cropping? Didn't have time. But I got to visit and catch up with FABULOUS women (Liz, Tracey, Becky, Paula and MORE)-and that was TRULY THE BEST PART! The second best part? Meeting Mischelle. She's a loyal (yet recently disappointed) blog stalker! 3rd? My friend Jennifer Heulsman gave me these awesome animal blow up punch balls. Really-I LOVE THEM (and my kids do too)! I made some $ and worked my A*% off!

It sucked to return to reality-especially since my house was stamped by FEMA. Oh-seriously-it was a DISASTER AREA! I'm still recovering. And extra hugs to my BFF Gina! Due to my husbands inconsideration and lack of planning, she was stuck with my kids until ....she didn't even know when (about 10:30pm)! AHH!!! How do you say sorry and thank you for such an AMAZING FRIEND?? A couple of scrap tees helped...but I'm in debt to her.

All right-I'll be back soon. I promise! I've got to prepare for my recipe class tomorrow and get Valentine's made. *MUAH*