Saturday, August 30, 2008

NEW Mexico

Do they call it that in comparison to "old" Mexico?

The culture here is DEFINATELY different. Those adobe style round clay homes are REAL-and everywhere! It is very southwest-just as you would expect.

They have placed an offer on the table and we are considering it. We looked at 2 houses yesterday and I am suppossed to be browsing now!

The trip down kind of sucked....I'm not much for driving....but we're having fun now! Chris took us to "GolferNoggins" it was really fun. An indoor mini golf course (or hockey/baseball if you're Aubrey and Hollan! The garden was an ACTUAL garden complete with HUGE vegetables, a dragon, the works! Check out a few of my favorite shots!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's hard to believe that while attending a scrapbook convention; I forgot my camera-but it's true! I'm surprised they let me in! So....I have to wait for Huelsman to get me the pics, as she was our official photographer. Julie is copying what you may find to be the "

best" pictures....the one's of the 6 of us (Roeder, me, Keri, Huelsman, Becky and Julie) jammed into a photo booth at a Tulsa scrapbook store! It WAS SO MUCH FUN! It certainly beat missing my husband, which I've done plenty of! And a special thank you to him, as my entire adventure would not have been possible without his generous financial contribution(s)!

It is my intention to leave for New Mexico tomorrow afternoon, around 3:30. In case you hear this and wheels start spining, urging you to invade my scraproom-THINK AGAIN! I have a BFF, shar-pei and one hell of a guard-bird watching my house!! (The first (Chrissy) and last bite the hardest) Anyways, I am somewhat prepared and looking forward to the adventure! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!


P.S. Here's a picture of my "CKC stash!" I scored amazing page kits, a Zutter corner rounder, SUPER sparkle glitter, this really neat plasticy flower sprinkle stuff, photo jewelry..........

Monday, August 18, 2008

....leav-ing on a jet plane..........

sigh. I am literally sick to my stomach with distress. (no-I didn't eat distress inks). I absolutely adore my scrubby and began to miss him immediately. It didn't help that I watched The Notebook last night. sigh. It's just me and the little ones for 10 days! That's truly small in the scheme of life. There's certainly plenty to keep me occupied!


P.S. Thoughts and prayers to Michielle and Tracey today. May they have a smooth recovery!

P.S.S. Is anyone available Aug. 29-Sept 1 to help with a 9 hour car ride?!?!?

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Newest Member of the Thornburgh Household

Meet Gracey!!

She is my husband's 30th birthday present! He has always wanted a macaw and here she is!! We were very blessed to get her. It worked out perfectly with her previous mother who could no longer provide the attention Gracey demands. She is absolutely beautiful.

(special thanks to Terry for this picture taken at her house before Gracey became a Thornburgh)


A few photos from the last few days......including the "Redneck Bath" (syringes, cups, and a comb for toys), sister helping clean the I.V. and Hollan feeling better so he "shot nurse" with his dart gun!!!

Jace with his new 2nd grade teacher......a nice relief to the stress!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My past 2 hours....

We had slept form 5am-9am and had to immediately call the dr. (the E.R. said so-we were ther from midnight until 4). Hollan (the 2 1/2 year old) has an abcess on his perennium(sp). As we pulled into the dr. Aubrey said that she didin't feel good and then proceeded to vomit all over herself, her seat, and my van! We cleaned up and went in. Jace spent the ENTIRE apt. in the bathroom with loose stools, the dr. strep tested Aubs (she's been exposed and we were already there), and noted Hollan's spreading infection, promptly calling a SURGEON, to which we are awaiting for a 1:45 apt! Oh yeah...and I have strep too! Meanwhile, Chris was at an interview, as he was highly recommended for a position in New Mexico. Of course they want him (who wouldn't) and he flies out on Monday. We (the kids and I) are driving out the Friday of Labor Day weekend to look at houses (and scrapbook stores)!


I'll keep you posted.......

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rock River Rapids!

We had a blast in Derby yesterday. We spent the afternoon as a family at Rock River Rapids. The first 4 pictures are a few of my favorites from the event. The last is my least favorite. I f'n hurt!
.....thing is; I'd do it again in a second, even if I knew it would end this way-headache and all!
.....just look at those faces!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Waiting to Post

I've waited because I wanted my project to be the first thing Janet saw when she opened my blog. I didn't win, but Janet Hopkins read my blog! I have a personal e-mail from her!! I am recovering from a pretty intense sunburn. We went swimming at my dad's on Saturday. We had a great time and I thought I may be a liitle pink, as I am a pastey white girl. But know those bright pink shirts I wear? Well, you can't tell where the shirt ends and Brynn begins!! Oh well. It was worth it.

It is worth mentioning that I had a wonderful ADULT conversation last night. No, not the XXX kind, but the kind where you escape your world of children and seek comfort in another woman. ;) That sounds XXX. You should know that it was on the phone! It was just what we both needed. Thank God for small miracles. I really needed that 20 minutes from my kiddos and it couldn't have been spent with a better ear (attached to her pretty head of course). I am so very blessed to have such AMAZING friends!

We went to Pump It Up today. It was part of the rewards from reaching (in fact they exceeded) their summer reading program goals. It said that each age group was an hour and a half but apparently they rotate groups in for 20 minutes each. That's it. I am grateful. The kids had fun. I just feel a little mislead. We intend to go to Rock River Rapids on Friday. All of us. We are wrapping up the summer and have NEVER BEEN! I thought I had all of the school supplies purchased, but then, while cleaning my scrap room, I found the original list from the teacher. Since when do 2nd graders need post it notes and a box of scotch tape?!?! We are completely enrolled at both schools and ready to go for the first day. Fortunately, the person in charge of making schedules is a scrapbooker and the kids begin on different days! We got plain colored backpacks with tons of things to add and personalize each. I'll let you know what we come up with.

All right. Lots of business to attend to. Blessings.