Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok-I'm not trying to brag-BUT-I have a REALLY nice 2 1/2 carat wedding ring that my husband suprised me with. It is my prized possession. So-why is it that it is all of the sudden rotting my finger off! Yep-about a month ago it started drying out my skin under my ring. I kept drying and stuff and it got worse. I had a lizard finger! Red-maybe even a little fluid-OMG! I haven't changed my eating habits, personal habits-nothing. I switched it to the opposite hand and within 4 days it was doing the same! GAH! Is it a sign? ;) What is a girl to do? I'm going to be making doctor calls and investigating now. I haven't worn it for 2 weeks and I MISS IT!

In other news-my atempt to be funny about Jennifers dinner party hurt her feelings. She has now extended a sympathy invite for her next one-which I will gladly accept! HA! All right-enough with the jokes. I truly was just trying to be funny about it since it's gotten a lot of hype amongst scrappers. I am sorry Jennifer.

Now for my exciting event of the day. Well-there's 2. First-I picked up a few hours at Scrappin Time in Derby tonight. I always enjoy being there and being surronded by stuff! My favorite part is the women that come in-talking and getting to know new friends. Jennifer H came in tonight and we talked for awhile. Karen is always getting new things. If you havent checked it out-you're MISSING OUT! #2 My BFF2 Gina found my blog-THROUGH JENNIFERS! I made the list-and that MAKES MY DAY!

Until next time......


Oh yea-there's a crop tomorrow night from 6 to midnight in Derby. I'll be finishing Christmas cards. Come join me! Yes-YOU! (Call to sign up-788-2821, you get a shopping dicount too)!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catchin Up

Back tracking a little I realized that I missed Jennifer Roeders dinner party. My sister had just had her baby and I was just too tired. Ok-truth be told-I wasnt invited-but I know it just wasnt the same without me there. Im sure all of her guests just sat around and complained about how I should be there! HA!

I never added that Thankful list! I am so blessed this year! I am trying to be thankful for just about everything-from the food I shouldn't eat to those of you who read my blog (REALLY)! I am extra thankful for my beloved scrubby and 3 amazing children-my now extended family-especially my sis's and nephews (I dont have any nieces). I am thankful for my pets-and scrproom with all my stuff-my rockin' mini van and my big fat wedding ring! THANK YOU LORD! My life really is full!

I've had a busy morning-cleaning and blog stalking! If I dont have your personal info. please e-mail me at so that I may add you to my address book. My Christmas cards are gonna be cute-DON'T MISS OUT! Hehe! Be sure to include your full name, addy, phone # and bday-oh and e-mail.

Until next time.......


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am trying to get pictues on here. I'm new to this post sight. I just remembered that I let Chrissy take my latest cd containing pictures of the newest family member. But I've got a few others for your enjoyment. First up-Chros and I at the Dierks Bentley concert. Next -Jace and Hollan playing in the leaves. I wanted to play too but there weren't enough. I want the big crispy orange ones. I think I was a full yard down the street........hmm......

Then there's Brandis and Stryker just a few days before he entered the world. Tryten. That's his name. I forgot to mention that! He weighed 7.7 and was 20 inches long. Cute as can be. I'm a proud aunt-can you tell? Aubrey and I can't wait til Brandis goes back to work. We'll see Styker and the baby almost everyday. I'm going to be providing daycare! I'm priviledged to do so.

ARGH! I can't get them to turn. I'm so computer challenged. I dont know how to add my favorite blogs either! HELP!


Sometimes life just zooms by. I LOVE IT! I love being busy and loving life.

I'll back track a little since its been a few days. I have every intention of blogging regularly. You may understand my delay after reading. Grab a slice of pumpkin pie and read on.....

Late Friday night I started to finish the kits I've been working on for my receipe class at Scrappin' Time. I may have mentioned that I met several AMAZING women at the November class, some of which rewuested kits from my October class. Anyways-I was finishing those and my phone rang. It was Brandis' boyfrind Josh calling. (She's the pregnant one)! He said Brandis was leaking more than she had been and expressed his concern. He wanted to verify that a mucus plug can only be lost once, so that it must be something further. Brandis was not concerned. He called back about 60 seconds later. We discussed the positives and negatives of going in to be checked, which Brandis was completely against. I asked him to ask her if she'd like me to come over and check everything out. YES! So I loaded up fairly quickly and the phong rang as I got there. We had a gush of fluid to the floor. Her water has DEFINATELY broken!! I helped her up and cleaned up and we got her dressed and Stryker ready. Stryker was suppossed to go to Josh's sisters house but she was having issues-involving the police. Stryker was going to stay with Uncle Chris. Brandis was so calm. Josh was so anxious! I took Stryker to my house and with a quick change of clothes (I didn't want to look like white trash) I was on my way. Josh and I were there with her in the interm room. They were trying to determine if indeed her water had broken. HELLO! I said, aren't the gush of fluid and continuous contractions enough?!? NO! The speculum was mentioned and Brandis refused. Her exam on Thursday had been tramatic and she did not want another one. Josh and I made jokes to make her relax. You know-this guy was rated 4 out of 5 stars on vaginal exams-9 out of 10 women recommend him-and so on. She complied and we proceeded. Of course, it testes positive for amniotic fluid and we were moving to a more permanent room by about 2:30 am! Now mom, Brayla and Maria (Josh's mom) could join us. She was in labor for hours. I tried to go to Brayla's house and lay down for an hour but it was no use. Mom was out with all her meds so she went home to bed. At 7am she was getting her epidural and if labor was not progressing she was going to start pitocin. The baby was decelerating, but labor progressed. She was dialiating well and could feel every bit of it. She was dialted to 6 and the baby was at 0 position when we were asked to leave the room. They were trying to put on internal monitors, rushing around and in less than 4 minutes we wre back in with the baby BOY! He was not breathing! On the apgar scale of 1-10, he was pushing to get a 1 after 5 minutes. I touched his cheek as they checked his air. Meanwhile-I commanded mom to be by Brandis. Brayla had diligently held her hand for hours but mom was back and Brandis needed her. The babis hands and feet were still blue and white. It scared me and I prayed. Just as soon as everything had happened, it settled down. The room was cleaned up and I left. Chris was being well-an ass-and I had to get home for him to go to work. HELLO!?! A baby is being born here-and he's my nephew.

He was upset about having Stryker-without being asked-and I am still upset at him several days later. I called a sitter over so that I could nap. I rested about 1 1/2 hours while they want to the park. God send-thank you Abby! I had a class that afternoon. My "Pick of the Patch" double layout. It was filling up and I had to prepare. The sitter had to leave so I begged Chrissy to come over. Reluctantly, she came. Another God send. If it weren't for her I don't know how I'd have made it! THANK YOU! Then-I was late. Karen wanted to talk with me. She was upset that I presumed things that she felt I shouldn't. I respect her and can't stand if she looks cross at me-so I cried! It had been such a long, emotional ordeal-I couldn't help it. She gave me the hugs I needed and we straightened things out. Home to releave Chrissy. She is now entitled to anything in my scraproom, as I am endebted to her. I payed the first sitter! Time to clean up and load up. Stryker had yet to meet his baby brother and I hadn't held him! After coaxing, Chrissy joined us. It went well. He is a true joy. We grabbed Arbys on the way home and Shrek the Third. I was out within 5 minutes of the movie starting! I did not sleep well though-I ws so overwhelmed.

Chris and I tried to talk about things for the next 2 days, to no avail. He makes me so angry sometimes. I don't feel I should have to 'ask' for anything-let anyone everything! He thinks it's respectful to do so. ARGH!

We kept Stryker until Monday evening. It was quite a lot to handle but I was glad to help. We decided that I'm going to stay home with the kids and do my scrap and card stuff. I sent out letters to have my cards carried at a few stores so hopefully that will go well. I am getting ahead for classes at Scrappin' Time. My December receipe cards are complete and up for display. I stole a bunch of pictures from my mom today to use for a nastalgic (sp) Christmas layout. I'm simmering down about Chris. Love conquers all, right?

We're fairly prepared for Thanksgiving. I'm making the deviled eggs tonight and picking up pies from Spears tomorrow.

My mom stopped by tonight unannounced. We were just cleaning out drawers and putting up clothes so it was a mess. I hate it whn my mom sees my house messy! I want her to know that I love to live clean and organized. It's just that I have 3 kids...and a husband! She gave the kids Color Wonder packahes, and they have been happily coloring away for awhile now. Hollan's asleep. The greatest part? She wrote me a letter. I was in tears as I read her expressing her gratitude for me and my kids. It's such an amazing feeling to be appreciated-and I am extra thankful for that letter! It's just what I needed! On the envelope she drew a hand turkey! It's too cute and now resides on my fridge-surely to show up on my Thanksgiving layouts for this year!
I'm going to try to post pics. I've never done it. I'll post my thankful list soon too. I have SO musch to be thakful for!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Waiting for a baby and life thoughts....

So after I was feeling so horrible I thought I should brinstorm some life changes. Ya know-things that can improve quality. Here's what I cam up with. I want to try Steff's raved about budget. I want to exercise. (EEK-I dont even like to think about it). I want to join a church group. I'll make a list of the things wonderful about me! That's it. That's all I've got. The budget will be great for our whole family. Exercising will make me feel better in general. We have a Y membership that goes unused for $50 a month! And then I want to join a church group to meet new people and make new friends. It's a goal of mine to form closer relationships and it seems a good place to start. I love meeting people. And who knows-I may have a new BFF (or 2) just waiting! Then the list. I think it would help to feel better about me.

The baby thing? My darling sister Brandis is over 9 months pregnant now. She's the sister just below me in the line. We've had our differences in the past-a lot of them. But we've com a LONG way. We are very close now and I love it. I have a special relationship with each of my sisters, but because of Brandis and I's horrible past, our relationship is extra special. She calls me. She calls to ask about meds for her 2 year old. She calls if she hears a song on the radio that I like. She calls when she's pulling her hair out from frustration. I love that she leans on me and needs me and trusts me. It is an amazing feeling and I'm grateful. So-she's VERY pregnant and uncomfortable. She was leaking and went to St. Joe. I think its just her mucus plug, but she has word sensitivity so we don't talk about it! Shes in even more pain from the exam. She swears she'll never let a male gyno touch her as long as she lives! Her contractions are strong but not regular so we'll see. I can't wait to be an aunt again. We think it's a boy but it's dad wants a girl. We'll see!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feeling much better now.

I found out that we were good to go. If it weren't for that owners wife bee-otch we'd be elated riding back exhausted right now. Oh well. God does everything for a reason. I always say that and need to remember it. I have a good heart and a lot to offer and anyone would be lucky to be my friend. That's the advise I would give to myself at least!

I'm going to watch 1408 with my beloved scrubyy now (thanks to Jana for that). The sun rises and sets with him. His comforting arms are awaiting.

Can't remember the last time I liked myself less....

I'm at home now, on the computer (obviously), and not on the way to see Garth with Jennifer. It was a great plan. When we won Kenny Chesney tickets there were extra spots on the bus from people who didn't show. So they could be filled by anyone. I thought it a great plan to be there and be ready and sneek on! I spoke with Carol Hughes Saturday afternoon and informed her of this and she said, "Sure, Awesome!" and that she'd let her boss know. Well-usually I have "Brynn Charm" but today ot wasn't there. Looking amazing with stellar make-up, black cowboy hat and bling cowgirl boots, Jennifer picked me up. I was confident, with fully packed cooler in tote. And then it happened. The bossy bitch I've never heard of put a giant VETO on my plan and sent us home. Can you imagine how humiliating the ride home was for me? I am in tears as I type. Jennifer, being as great as she is, said that it's was no big deal and tried to comfort me. But, who's she kidding? I'd like to admit it was a great plan and be optomistic and say whatever-but I cant. I am absolutely embarrassed. It became worse after I read Jennifer's blog. Christie Welch and I used to be very close and it has made me sad lately to think of her and how things were, not knowing what went wrong. And she left a comment that just kicked me in the gut. I can just imagine everyone talking and laughing about how stupid I am.

Ok-so my vulnerability is showing and I'm rambling and I'm going to let it be. I've always admired Jennifer Roeder and wanted to be closer to her and other scrpbook girls-new friends right? It would have been a great opportunity and I'm just sad. I suppose there's underlying issues there as well. Women I really loved as friends lately have distanced, and it's overwhelming. Yet I dont want to act like I'm in high school or show my insecuritites. I'm probably just making it worse as I type. I'll be on the scrapbook friends blacklist!

Until next time.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Apparently My First Post

I have blogged before, yet I cant seem to find it at this point. Oh well. I've now begun this one and plan to update it regularly.

At this time tomorrow, I should be returning from the Garth Brooks concert with the fabulous Jennifer Roeder, if Garth hasn't swept her into his arms and onto his tour bus-to practice making babies! I've adored her since I met her and its going to be great to get to know her better. And who better a companion for such a feat? We're sneeking on the bus at 3:30. Wish us luck!

The kids were extra cranky today. I yelled more than a few times, and more than I should have. I'm pretty sure a cuss word slipped out too. All I ever wanted to be was a mother, and now than I am, it is harder than I ever thought. I love my children more than anything in the world but I run short on patience sometimes. It is the virtue I always lacked. I used to pray for more patience, but God kept giving me more to be patient about! That's how he works-I should have known. So-I'm feeling a little guilty over it all tonight. What else can I say? I avoided beating them, so that's all that matters. ;)

I am now the proud owner of the raspberry polka dot tote! It will soon be followed with the raspberry pola dot 12x12 bag. Amazing! I transfered everything into it tonight. It makes me happy.

Chris just splurged for Ted's Montana Grill takeout-so I'm happily full as well. I also have an Italian Ramono Cheese Ball made up from Tastefully Simple. If I were on death row, it would be part of my last meal! Delish!

I'm working all day at Scrappin' Time in Derby Thursday. I absolutely LOVE being in the environment and meeting everyone. I can't wait for that too. If you haven't taken the time to stop in there-you must!

Blessings. B.