Sunday, May 31, 2009


I would like to promote my website. It is bought for 2 years, but I have no idea how to code or what to do, and I don't want to pay a company $200 to do it! Any suggestions?! Do you know anyone who could help me?! I would be willing to trade scrap supplies, services, and/or creations! I NEED HELP!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday Fill-ins, a bit early!

1. Moving __is horrible! And next time, I'll pay others to do it!

2. _My favorite price is _ free.

3. My best quality is _my sense of humor and ability to make others comfortable_.

4. _It's all about the_ details.

5. In nearly 10 years, _I have changed my life into what I'm wanting it to be____.

6. _A hug__ is what I need right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _the scrap stash swap_, tomorrow my plans include _a baseball game and dinner at The Melting Pot for my husband's work_ and Sunday, I want to _be creative with hair things_!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tantrums and Finding Faith

Being a my mother is the best thing I've ever done. It's also the hardest thing I've ever done. It is my greatest strength, and greatest weakness. You could call many any number of names and obscenities, but calling me a 'bad mother' or anything related-breaks me down immediately. I do not have the confidence or security this job requires. I am broken down now, as she continues to scream from not being able to ride in the wagon (3 other little kids were taking turns from our walk to the park). She continually disobey's me and it's exhausting. I am vulnerable and reduced to tears. I trust that God knows what He's doing putting these amazing blessings in my care, but I continuously doubt my ability to succeed. I'm contemplating throwing a tantrum myself. It's likely not to yield any rewards, but it may go a long way in relieving my stress!

In other news-I am delighted that my blog friend Julie has offered to make a donation for Paper Therapy's upcoming event. If any of you would like to join that group, participate in swaps, and other events please find us through and again, our group is Paper Therapy. I am busy collecting donations for the "Finding Faith" program, which will introduce these broken women to the art of preserving memories and documenting their healing journey through scrapbooking. If you would like to be a part of that, I emplore you to participate further. Please e-mail me at and I would be glad to address it further. This is a cause close to my heart, as I was once damaged with little hope. At the least, please add these extraordinary women into your prayers today. Thank you for your time to listen and extend your care!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Pictures?!

Maybe later! I'm busy rounding up donations for the upcoming "Crop-for-a-Cause." These events are a lot of work! If you, or anyone you know, would like to donate something for our goodie bags and/or raffle/door prizes, please feel free to send it-and it can advertise your small business as well! So far, I have Photoshop Elements 7, manicures/pedicures, scrap supplies and a few more. I'm trying to be creative and not limit it to just scrap supplies-I may even get a few restaurants. We're off to a pool party-I'll check back later-and announce the STASH winners! Have a blessed day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A 12x12, double layout swap?!

What was I thinking undertaking this?! Over $100, 14 hours, an entire bottle of zip dry and a refill of xyronx-I AM FINISHED! These scans are a little cruddy-but you can see. I made all oof the pots, beading and embellishin g them, designed the chili for the ristra, stamped, embossed and more! I picked up some leather and it all come together! My favorite part is the little road runner! I like the state symbol too!
I made 12, plus one for my BFF back home, Chrissy. I can't wait to see all the effort everyone else dedicated!

It was A LOT of work--and I'm glad I started early. I've helped Brandi too-and I like duplicating, especially for a purpose!
I'll announce the stash winners soon-it's not too late! Thank you for checking in and keeping up with me. I've got some BIG, exciting news coming as well! Stay tuned.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh SO much!

Yea-that's been my title before. Sometimes life just gets going-then I have to stop and catch up!
Mother's Day was AMAZI
NG. I got my dream camera, the Canon Rebel XTI with an additional 300mm optical zoom lens)! My mom sent me flowers through FTD, my sister-in-law made me a sweet card, Chris brought me my favorite meal from The Olive Garden Saturday night, they all made me breakfast in bed Saturday morning. Aubrey gave me the black polka dot dress she had picked out for me, chocolates from Jace (the kind with the map), pink roses from Hollan, Chris worte me an UNBELIEVABLE poem (endearing and quite a surprise), Jace made me some things at school, including one of those little tea cards! We took off to Taos and explored the little street shops in the Plaza, had linner (lunch/dinner) and then we went to the Rio Grande Gorge, some 685 feet deep, as you see here (a special thank you to the random guy who took this photo for us-and didnt run off with my new camera)! It was an amazing day, and that's an understatement. We missed church, but God certainly blessed me in spite of it!
Picture 2 is of my new hair cut. I'll get a better shot next time I have my make-up all done! lol

This is my sweet BIG baby Ben, still groggy from the meds after being neutered yesterday!

I was LOVING the camera for Jace's baseball game. He's stepping into home for a point!

Then we went to Chris' hockey game. They're in the play-off's. And, still in since they won. He's too cute! LOVE him!

That's it, for the most part. There, of course, were other things that made the camera card-but you don't want ALL of the details!! I'm working hard on Paper Therapy's fast approaching "Crop-for-A-Cause" in June. Also, I'm participating in a page swap, 12-2 page layouts, and I'm putting A LOT of effort into them, just as I hope they are. The laundry is dwindelling and life is great. Wait-so great in fact, that if you're a scrappy friend that dared to read through all of this, I want to share my stash with you! Please leave me a comment, but remember that when you receive your package, round up some of your unused stash and pass it forward if you can, otherwise, just enjoy! I encourage you to participate, as I'll have more than 1 person chosen-I have a ton of stash to share! lol. Blessings to you, B.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kiddie Lit

I'm excited to have stumbled upon a great new challenge blog, Kiddie Lit, which my blog friend Julie designs for. It is more than conveinent that their first post is on "The Wizard of Oz!" As many of you know, I am from Kansas, born and raised. When I moved, my BFF Chrissy began my collection! Since then, I have acquired the mini dolls and flip book, and it continues. I had an image in my mind of what I wanted for the layout to be. This is EXACTLY what I had in mind, however it did NOT start out that way! I worked on it for 3 hours, Saturday at the Krafty Ladies crop. Aubrey helped me rip it all up so that I could re-use the buttons! Now-I LOVE IT! IT is SO symbolic. First of all, I made the "yellow-brick-road" paper, embossing with gold. Then there's the "ruby-red-slipper" letter quote, sparling with stickles! Of course the rainbow, plus the little sewn tornado (I drew it and then stitched it) and the photo mat is cut into the shape of Kansas (on ble gingham paper)! The journaling reads: "Kansas was all I'd ever known proir to the fall of 2008. My Wizard of Oz collection reflects my roots and refuge." I often do not like my work-but this as exception-finally playing out into what I began imagining when reading their blog. Enjoy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

And, A Creative Post, to Follow My Previous Heartfelt One!

Please forgive my scanning. Usually the stiching is so seamless it's undetectable-however that is not the case today! 3 single page layouts and 1 double. I was a busy girl, scrappin' away Wednesday and Thursday. What do you think?!

We went to review and purchase the 'antique' photos we had done, Tuesday night. I about choked to pay for them ($40/sheet) but as a scrapbooker, I couldn't deny myself-or our heritage! This is the group shot, including our mini-weiner dog that had hopped in the car!
This layout will be taught in my June class at Scraps Galore. It was nice to finally scrap some of Jace's baby pictures, as he's 8 now! Myself, my mom, and my sister Brandis, all kissing the sweet baby!

One of my favorite photos, courtesy of my baby sis Brayla. This was taken out on my grandpa's farm, before the auction..... It's stamped Aubrey-Engel Farm-2008 on the picture.

Too ,uch fun we had.....6 of us loaded up in my van to attend CKC in Tulsa Oklahoma (OK). We squeezed into a photo booth at Scrap Happy's and these are the results.... Page 1

And Page 2. I used the 'paper ruffling' technique for the first time-and dew drops from "Robin's Nest." Love those. It was great to just grab some paper and use it too. Especially this "Twitterpatted" line from Imaginisce.

I need to prepare for the National Scrapbook Day Crop I will be attending tomorrow. It won't be the same without Brandi-but maybe I'll actually accomplish something if I prepare and focus! **MUAH!

Parenting a Child With Special Needs

Anyone who knows me, knows that I carry a special place in my heart for cildren with Down Syndrome. I absolutely LOVE them! I worked in high school special education for 2 years before we left Kansas. I LOVE special ed. kids! Seriously-they are amazing!! That being said, I've didn't understand why "Gifted" children were classified under Sspecial education. I understand now! Parenting a gifted child is truly parenting a child with special needs. I have 2! There minds are amazing, but their giftedness requires extra attention just as a child with Down's would. To the right, you will see a picture of this challenge I am delving into. At 8 years old, Jace had not formerly been tested out because we transfered schools, twice. Settled in New Mexico, I had told his teacher of the suspicions everyone has had, but she didn't originally take me seriously. Afterall, everyone claims there kid is gifted, right?! Not if they realizied the difficulty this blessing comes with! 2nd grade. Assignments are complete within minutes, thoroughly correct, but NOT TURNED IN! He just doesn't care! I've been beyond frustrated in the past few days, as this revelation has shed more light. How can I possibly make him care? Why would you do the assignments and not turn them in?! Among other things, these have surfaced with more difficulty. Maybe I should ask his mother! Afterall, didn't I do the EXACT SAME THING?! When I was told my I.Q. (higher than Albert Einstein's) it didn't encourage me. I don't remember much from that time period. The entire chunk of my life from 2years old until 10 is completely blocked out do to tramatic events that took place. My dad says I wouldn't even DO the homework-but I always aced the tests. Apparently my teacher would catch me not taking notes, doodling, etc., and surprise me with a baffling question, to which I always answered correctly. I had EVERY option available for my life. Any school would have paid to have me. I didn't even have to try. But, all I wanted was to be a mom. It doesn't utilize my brain power the way a doctorette would, but it is fulfilling in its own. So what then, should I expect of my 8 year-old, and 5 year-old?! I want MORE FOR THEM than I accepted from life! They have absolute and complete potential!! He just doesn't care. Stricken wioth guilt and frustration, I sought out help and went to Borders. Nothing in stock. I need help immediately-I don't want to order a book! Barnes and Noble-she can't find it! I looked myself and found 2! Hooray! Reading it faster than I have the Twilight series, I have learned SO MUCH more than I would have expected, for Jace, Aubrey and MYSELF! Things that stunned me before are now making since. Behaviors are understood and explained. This changes everything! Jace should begin receiving services at school in the fall. Aubrey will be tested out and follow suit. Their mother?! Well-she is becoming a better parent and learning about herself along the way!