Thursday, February 26, 2009

My candle

This is my completed design for the top of the toy/storage section in my living room. The colors were inspired by the Close To My Heart papers I've used!

I created this candle yesterday, as I am in L-O-V-E with these flowers I purchased from Paper Blooms Etsy store! Other various embellishments were added for the design, but Great-googley-moogley, those blooms are stellar! may notice in the set that I addes one to my Clear frame. I didn't have them at the time. I'm pleased-as-punch with the way things turned out! What do YOU think?!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ready, Set, Create!

Have you discovered e-zines?! This 'green' way of enjoying magazines is all the rage these days. I saw on the Pub Calls blog that this particular (and stellar) scrapbook e-zine was preparing a special "altered art" issue, so I thought I would submit a few of my favorites, well 3. Would you believe that she asked to use all 3 of them?! Great googley-moogley! I am stoked! A few photos will be coming down off of here as requested by the editor, but I'm not complaining! I'll let you know when the issue is available!

I was quite sick through the night. I have several things I need to do-but we''ll see. I'm hoping to make it to mass today for Ash Wednesday. I was raised VERY, devoutley, UNBELIEVABLY Catholic-but I do not practice as an adult. However, there are still certain things instilled in me and Ash Wednesday is one of them. Again, we'll see how the day goes. There goes the laundry signal-that's my cue!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had wanted PSE for a LONG time! I've had Photo Shop Elements 7 now for over 2 months-and you know what?! I had yet to use it once! Yep-too intimidated! What are layers-how are they used....etc. Well, I was encouraged by Heidi Swapp's blog this morning and decided to experiment with the header I had purchased from House of 3 the day they opened (over 2 weeks ago). you can see, I DID IT!! YAY! Now I still don't know how to do the rest. Where do those brushes even come from-let alone how do I create things-but one thing at a time-right?! Hope you have a great day! B.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

In memory; with love.....

My mom bought this plaque while we were out shopping during her recent visit. The quote one it is nearly the same as that on the head stone of what would be my older sister's grave.

Brenee Ann Smith was born and died on September 11 of 1980. Mom felt 'lead' (I believe that's the Lord's work) to purchase this and also felt compelled to memoralize it. She has used a delicate pink trim and then added the crucifex from her casket piece. The little box in the bottom left corner contained the medal they placed on her wrapped blanket. The box now conatins 2 of the roses from her casket piece. She tore her name from one of the service folders and adhered it, along with a photo of the head stone. Her rattle is elegantly added with notions to the top left corner. In the 2nd photo, it shows how she is displaying this piece. She received a "sleep" gift set from my baby sister at Christams and thought the little lamb added a sweet touch tucked behind the plaque.

Sometimes I wonder who she (Brenee) would be. My daughter is named Brenee as a tribute to her and what she would have been. We call her Aubrey, but I think of Brenee often. I cannot imagine the pain my mom must feel; only comforted by the fact she's with the Lord. With Brenee, I am exactly in the middle of 5 girls! An extra older sister would be quite neat, but the one I have is extraordinary. Occassionally while still in Kansas I would drive down to the cemetary she is at. I didn't leave flowers or anything I should have, I was just compelled to be there. I am sure to visit on my return trip as well. She's just always there, and I 'm thankful.

I love that my mom has created such a beautiful piece of art to keep my sister in our thoughts and prayers. I am often amazed by her creativity and grateful I was given some! God Bless you who read this insight into my life today. With Love-B.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project # 4 for A Sassy Affair

Getting the feel for this project, without refdlections, has proven difficult. The thing is-I have had this idea, and the frame, for several months now, inteding to do this! I'm thankful that our week 4 challenge encouraged the use of a frame-and I am quite happy with the results. This is sitting on my living room caginet/basket area, along with my topiary. I used foil with rubons in the corners, and a vellum quote, bazzill edges and doodlebug strips, plus the crystal flowers! I am going to make different themes of these for my Etsy shop and craft shows!

This is the last family snapshot taken in Kansas when we visited the "Keeper of the Plains." I askes a cyclist to take our photo!

I've got to give the boys (long overdue) haircuts, eat, do some laundry, bathe the kids and.....
Hope everything is well for you!! MUAH!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things

I love the idea of this-and I need to post it through Facebook, as I've only been tagged about a bijillion times! lol. I've put quite a bit of thought into these. Here goes.

1.) I believe in Faith. Faith in God brings faith in all things.

2.) I really enjoy the smell of gas and exhaust. This does not, however, make me a fan of pollution!

3.) I am an aspiring artist in the scrapbook world. I especially indulge in custom home decor. My business revolves aroun the industry.

4.) I love make-up. I don't always bother to put it on-but I love it. I am a licensed make-up artist and have done work for theater productions, and tv personalities.

5.) I LOVE animals! We have 2 dogs, a squawky macaw, a snake and 4 fish. We have a cat in Kansas but did not want to subject her to the roaming coyotes!

6.) I should have been the prom queen!

7.) I could stand to loose about 4o pounds. There is a skinny girl somewhere inside of me. I think she's hiding under all of the food I love.

8.) I intend to design for Oprah. I imagine it will be custom decor and scrapbooks!

9.) The greatest gift I've ever been given is motherhood. All I ever wanted to be was a mother. (except for tha brief stint of wanting to be a nun)!

10.) I absolutely adore PINK! Anything and evrything, PINK, PINK, PINK!

11.) I am a hopeless romantic. I am ocassionally indulged by my husband-and look forward to each and every moment of romantic bliss.

12.) I have to have acrylic nails on. They make me feel pretty.

13.) I took piano lessons for years as a child.

14.) I have yet to ever leave the country.

15.) My favorite flavor is cherry.

16.) I literally LOVE my friends!

17.) I DESPISE water! I have NEVER drank a full glass in my life!

18.) Painted toenails are a must.

19.) I am married to my best friend. He is stunning in every way and I admire him.

20.) I think stilieetos are HOT! I collect them but rarely wear them!

21.) I CANNOT STAND food noises. YOU smack your lips I smack your lips!

22.) I have to have soda every day. Sunkist and Barq's root beer are my drugs of choice.

23.) I will have my first book published within 10 years. I'm still writing and have yet to make it a priority. It's there-in my head.

24.) I want to be an optimist.

25.) I believe that "God does everything for a reason!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Have Faith.

I am so honored to be on the design team for Faith Sisters. I feel truly inspired and dedicated to documenting my thought, prayers, and faith. This is Week 3 of the "Prayer Challenge." It's all about praying over your children, which I love-and do regularly. The (blurry) scan of the bird is the front side of my card and the other twp photos here are of the back. It unties to reveal my eternal, and bound to be repeated, prayer about their salvation. What a relief it must be for my mother, as all of her daughter's believe in God, and one is with him.

I intend to begin a friend tribute. With each blog post I would like to "highlight/showcase" one of my friends, whom I value dearly. It may take weeks to see your name, as I am can never have too many friends and they will be in no particular order. That is worth repeating. Names will appear in no particular order. I would just like to share with you the amazing attributes I find in the many friends I am so truly blessed with. I will likely begin with tomorrow's post. I need to focus, and prepare! lol. I need to work on my projects for A Sassy Affair and I'm going to watch a movie with my hubby. (In my beautifully done room-THANKS MOM (pictures to come).

We went to Landry's with Chris' boss tonight. He's quite a swell guy. Listen to this. I told him I scrapbooked and he asked if I had a Cricut!!! Hello?!?! He also asked if I had any questions that maybe weren't shared by the employee (yea-my husband). I can recognize that he really values and respects Chris and is willing to go the distance to keep him! Oh-and I asked him what Creme brule is at dessert time and he let me have the first bite of his so that I could try it!! What can I say?!?! He had me at Cricut.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missin' Momma

So I recognize that it has been awhile since my last post. I've been busy with my mom here-and the house, kids and myself are all better because of it! My mom inspired me while here. She set such a great example, it made me realize where I was lacking. She did not nag and criticize me as I had expected. We barely argued twice (and I was RIGHT once and wrong the other). It was an amazing treat for her to be here, let alone bring curtains, gifts and help with chores. She must have mated over 100 pair of socks! Seriously. These 2 pictures are my favorite from her visit. We were going out on our surprise date Saturday night. I intended to take her to dinner before entertainment, but we had eaten a late lunch and been out. So off to B-I-N-G-O we went-at Sandia Resort and Casino (see photo below). We had a great time and sat across from a nice older couple. Did you know you can play digitally?!?! Yep-what is this world coming to?! We had WAY too many cards to handle and must have disposed of the winning ones because we left with less than we went in with! lol. I'd do it again tonight if she were here.

I was going to get my toes re-painted too, but it didnt work out. Aubrey was delighted to sit back and eat a sandwich during her polish!

This is the ONE photo I started with-and ended with after I was busted by security! Oh well. I'm going to take a picture of my dauber to go along with it! Isn't my mom just as pretty as can be?! I may be slightly biased but I know it's true as well-so that makes it a fact. We also did Valentine's ehile she was here. I have several photos of the kids enjoying their unnecessary gifts! lol. I have had so many things to say and it's so late now that they're not coming to mind. Did I say how glad I was to have my mom here?! I sure miss everyone-quite intensely sometimes. Tonight I'm reminding myself to be a "big girl." Aubrey reminds me of Fergie's song that "Big girls DON'T CRY!" Whatever. I'm missing my mom now. She can use a drill (I'm thoroughly impressed, as I really don't have that skill) and makes amazing guacamole (from what I hear-I WILL NOT EAT IT)! She has more energy now and less pain. She was everything I've always wanted her to be for me.
I guess that's why I'm so sad. We've really never been that good at communicating with each other. I so badly wanted to just curl up in her lap and feel her run her fingers through my hair as she used to do when I was a young girl. I still want to do that.
This is me as I sat in the car leaving the airport tonight. That's her lipstick on my cheek. She cried too. That means she loves me. We've never been that great at raw emotion either. It doesn't get anymore raw than this.
The house is quiet now. I have finished my Faith Sisters project and I should head upstairs. My kids are outstanding, as is my husband and I know that I am truly all sure felt a little more comforting when my momma was just a few feet away.
Here's to my head calming down and sweet dreams to be had by all. Muah.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Favorites!

My friend Lori usually posts her Friday Favorites (which is how I came by the Fabulous Cupcake-cake pan). Today is my first time and will be without pictures, as I'm hading out with mom! So-here goes:

1.) My mom is here! I can breathe her perfume, listen to her talk (or snore) and generally enjoy her un-critical and helpful presence!

2.)Pain killers and Ambien! HA! Without the fanntastic use of moder medicine, I would not be able to live as comfprtably as I do in this pathetic excuse of a body I have!

3.)Blogs. I am a stalker and have come across many a great site and talent through blogs. I enjoy writing out my ordeals here and I'm thankful for those I've had the pleasure of crossing paths with through blogging!

4.)Faith Sisters. I love the inspiration I can find through the creations of others, inspired all by our Lord!

5.)Hockey discovery. My husband just joined a league, never having skated before! I love that he's succumbed to his friends encouraging him to join them and is now enjoying this sport, embracing all of the details!

I'm not sure these all count as typical favorites, however they're what came to mind. I could go on and on. I'm working on my 25 random things. Check back for that list! Muah.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

{A day late that is. Did he see his shadow? I haven't heard. And where has the week gone?! Into my intense winter cleaning I suppose
{My mom is coming today! She should have already been here-but her flight had engine trouble (probably a bird) and stinky people. She's been re-routed and is in Denver on a layover. We'll pick her up at 4:22! My house is spotless, just the way I like it.
{This is a picture of my Project #2 for A Sassy Afair. If I never see bling again, it will be too soon! Aubrey made her own as well. She recruited Jace to help. Adorable.
{I did NOT make the Creative Mess design team as I had hoped. I was pretty bummed, as it gave me that horrible "I'm not good enough feeling" but I know God does everything for a reason. She did ask me to be a guest designer. That will be nice. I really like her.

{Chris took me (and the kids) to Taos Saturday. It was stunningly beautiful. I'll add a couple of my favorite pics. And I forced him to stop at this really cool old rickety bridge. It was private-but given my nature, I snuck on! Oh-and check out that sign! Thats a "You're not in Kansas anymore" moment! And the rainbow and rain! Breathtaking. Thank you Lord for all of this you have given us to enjoy here on Your Earth!