Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I just couldn't resist-and neither can most people we meet! Are you missing me....because I am missing YOU! I'm going to go back a little-and then hopefully forward. I am not going to share pictures of the house right now because it is a disaster with what is not unpacked. The kitchen is finished! Chrissy and I unpacked everything and hund my apple stuff too! It's cute. We are not admiring the electrician though-things are not centered! The beautiful hanging light above the island is random and I'm not sure my OCD can handle it! We still need to swap out refridgerators (sp) but Chris was too tired.

Seeing the children say good-bye was the hardest. All of the people that love them are AMAZING! I am SO overwhelmingly blessed to have the kids that I do. They are so very wonderful.

We arrived at about 1 am Friday morning (mountain time now). Aubrey stayed with Daddy and Chrissy came with nme and the boys. We stopped at Dorthy's house on the way out. Somehow it took us 12 HOURS to get here! I have our bed set up, some clothes unpacked and the master bath started. We did the kids' bathroom in cute little monkeys from Target. When the shower curtain arrives it will be complete. The sitting room is underway, as well as my scrap room. It is too small, so I will be using the finished room under the stairs for 'over flow'!

Jace started at his new school today, Stapleton Elementary-the howling coyotes! There are REAL coyotes here, as our neighborhood is still "developing" and we were warned not to leave our mini-dauchsund outside at night! WHAT?! The neighbors are great. I met the mayor when I solisicted him to investigate an intriguing smell at my house (turned out to be a burnt kids caup at the bottom of the dishwasher I had started before we left). We have a teacher, a catholic priest with 5 kids, and 2 "life partners" with a 9 month old-those are what I know for now. We are invited to the annual Halloween bash down the road on the 17th! I am looking forward to that.

Chris arrived late Saturday night and left last night :( He has to cover someone in Wichita and will return for keeps on Saturday. He took Chrissy with him. She was a great help and for the most part I was really glad she came ;) It was hard for me when she left, as when I hugged my mom and sisters Thursday. I am trying to remember the adventure and excitement as I am here alone. It gives a new meaning to "close friends." I'm a little home sick.

Ok-more to come. I'd better unpack some more. I keep hoping to wake up in the morning and it's all done, but that hasn't happened yet! wink. I also have not mentioned the amazing, surprise going away party I had. I am so blessed to have so many loved ones. It was great-especially all of the FOOD! I'll add a post for that later.

Hugs and MISSES-me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keeper of the Plains family night!!

I have been excited to (re)visit the things that make Wichita, Wichita! Last night we loaded up for the Keeper of the Plains! We all co-ordinated and I got some great photos! See for yourself!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ganza Recap

I felt that Ganza did not have its usual buzz this time, but that could have just been me missing Michielle! I had a geat team of girls with me and overall, we had a GREAT weekend. My friend Julie came down and blew the othe vendors out of the water with her handmade button jewelry. She was a great teacher to learn from and I was rockin out some pieces myself come Sunday afternoon. My friend Heather Scott form The Angel Company also made the trip (and shared the room with Julie to sleep). I adore them.

The BEST part: Seeing everyone (for what may be awhile) and taking pictures of friends I've come to cherish forever!

The WORST part: That I stayed up WAY TOO LATE (I'm not in my late teens anymore)!

My PROUDEST moment: That I was able to teach something to Jana, as I respect and think so highly of her. It was an honor.

The SADDEST moment: Good-byes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

There's no flooding in New Mexico!

There weren't any houses with any basements there because they don't need them! So my new house won't have standing water like my current one! I spoke with the relator today and everything is set for us to take possession on the 22nd!

Blessings to everyone that is wet this evening! We were listening to the KFDI report on the news talking about all of the flooding details and my seven year old Jace says, "Mom, I say it's time to start building an ark!" It was precious-and still makes me chuckle to think about it!

Update from Ganza to come. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's slightly stressful aroung here. I do not feel as prepared as normal for CAG, nor do I feel prepared for moving across the country!! Yet, somehow I know it will all work out. It always does-right?! Everyone is healthy and we are very blessed-I really can't ask for more.

I'll be closer to Creative Escape now-I'd really like to attend.

Church last night was intended for me. I woke up knowing I needed a big dose of God and it was just right. My BFF Chrissy has been spending a lot of time with me lately and I really enjoy that. I sure am ging to miss her. I am extra blessed to have someone to love my children and me-unconditionally. And YOU-Michielle, Huelsman, I can't even BEGIN to name them all!! WOW!! And KAthy Clapp, and Dayle Harris really pulled me through a rough spot this past weekend....where my hubby's surprise 30th went off without a hitch!!!

My 2 year old is bleeding-gotta go! I HEART YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

#2 (scroll down for #1...then read up)

We looked....and looked....DID I MENTION THAT?!?! These were MY top3, after checking Sundays paper. Did I already say that I was typically too excited to take pictures of the inside?

The winner is........#3! I signed on Sunday...Chris will sign today (after we give them the rest of the $ ;) I went back and took pictures of the inside FROM the outside!! IT IS AMAZING!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! IT IS MY DREAM HOME!! More photos to come.....

We move THIS month!! Likely the third week. Anyone up for a packing party?!?! (NO-loyal blog scrap may not carry the boxes OUT TO YOUR CAR)!!

2 POSTS IN ONE!!!! #1

I have had great intentions to update with some FABULOUS photos....but I've just been TOO TIRED at the end of the past few days! So I'll appease you with 2 posts!!

We looked at house, looked at MORE houses, and then too the world's longest sky tram 2 miles high into the Sandia Mountains! Next time I won't wear flip flops (and I'll bring a jacket for the 50 degree temperature variance)! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the experience..... Notice the CAUTION sign!! There was another on posted warning about BEARS!! HELLO! It is so NOT Kansas! Oh...and that is not fog around us-we were actually IN THE CLOUDS!!! AMAZING!!