Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ahhhh....a garage door opener!

So we officially moved to New Mexico exactly a year ago. With the exception of twice, our 3 car garage has been full of anything but our vehicles! We've had a garage door opener, but had never programed it, as there was no need-until my dear husband cleaned it out. He changed my oil filter and programed my garage door opener so from now on, I can happily puch the little button and pull in. I have lived in several houses since moving out of my parents, but this is the 1st time to have my own garage door opener! I'm so thankful. For the husband who took the time and effort-the modern conveinence-and luxury-of the button that lifts up the door!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half Way

So, I am oficially 20 weeks pregnant. That's the half way mark-and I hope the 2nd half goes a little more smoothly! That also means that we have just about made it to viability age so that if the little guy HAD to be born, there's a good chance he'd survive. He still doesn't have a name. We haven't even narrowed it down. Chris calls him Elvis. lol. He's active, and the kids enjoy feeling him kick. I enjoy this part-the anticipation, the movement, etc. It's the joy of pregnancy.

I'm right in the middle of 'fall clothes.' There are literally HUNDREDS of clothes scattered around the living room as I sort, de-wrinkle and hang! We save the boy clothes and pass on the girls. After we buy a few more pants for Aubrey-we oficially need NOTHING. Yay! It's taken a few days, but almost complete. I still have to clean out drawers and get their rooms organized.

Church service was nice. My friend that lost her husband used to attend where we go before they moved back to Kansas. He sang in the band a nd a few members will drive down for the service. I don't think they'd appreciate a pregnant lady tagging along-that's a looooong drive! I will go down there in about a month or so, or have her come her for a break. It's nice to have the church family I do though-and I'm glad they're so supportive-of everyone. I couldn't as for more as far as our church goes. Destiny Center is amazing and I'm proud to be a part of it. I'm on the prayer team and we prayed for another family who had lost a loved one. They hadn't attended service together in 20+ years and I was honored to be a part of this new beginning for them.

The season premeire of 'Dexter' is tonight. It's been on the calender! I'll probably still be working on clothes-otherwise I'm hoping to create. Blessings. ~B.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Short and sweet.

Things are going better. I hope to be regular with blogging again now! I've created a few things recently-including my first glass etching with my cricut. YUMMY! (It's mistletoe)
I carry a heavy heart today, as a good friend of mine's sweet husband took his life last night. He was an excellent man and will be missed dearly. Please keep her in your prayers. MUAH.