Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time Flies

It's true when they say "Time Flies." Everyone knows it. This layout will be in my June class at Scraps Galore, 2 more are to follow. It reminds me to stop and enjoy every moment I have. Each second that passes brings new adventure in our journey. Do you take advantage of the timeGod has given you?! You will never be able to recapture lost time. Please reflect on that. That darn Twilight series has my time occupied right now! I'm half way through book 4 and my children are being neglected due to my obsession! **note to Child Protective Services: I adore my children and they are actually fine. Spending quite an amount of time with their father** It's Brandi's fault. God love her. I'm now a card carrying member of Team Edward! LOL I don't anticipate sporting any necklaces professing my love for the Cullens-but I do have a button pinned to my scrap tote! There's just no other option at this point. I must discover who is plotting against Bella in Seattle-and will she choose Jacob?! I doubt it-but who knows what the plot holds! I'm off to Brandi's shortly. We'll chat over wine and pierce Leona's nose! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A little creativity.....

Inspired by Kolette Hall (an amazing, talented and super delightful mother and scrapper) I downloaded this from her blog and created this to hang from my studio door. It says, "There is nothing wrong with the world that a sensible woman could not settle in an afternoon!" Love it.

These are my princesses. We made 3 cakes for Aubrey's party! It tried to convince her we only needed the 1 but that didnt happen! Belle is my favorite. I'm not too impressed with myself-but they could have been worse!!

Sweet girl. A hanful now!

Blessings to you bloggers. Thinking of you Cathy, and Michielle, and Huelsman....With love!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 POSTS?! ...a sneek peek!

I have scrapped! ..and scanned! This is the double page layout I will be teaching for my May class at Scraps Galore in Albuquerque. I used Heidi Grace paper, Bazzill borders, Technique Tuesday and Heidi Grace stamps, Fancy Pants buttons, ribbons, and felt shapes! The stamped images are also embossed. If you would like a kit, it can be ordered through the store. Don't forget to take note of the pictures! Hollan is sometimes.."special" lol, but he is an amazing joy!

Beth Moore

You are looking at an amazing, inspiring women of faith that God has blessed me with. I do not personally know her, yet, but I have been in her "Living Beyond Yourself" Bible study for several weeks now. I cannot even put into understanding the way her words have touched my heart. I feel that I too am led to inspire and lead the way she does; but my opportunity has yet to present itself. I know that it is all in His time.

Take a moment to listen to her today, be it You Tube or her publication site. Let the Lord touch your heart today. Know that He has a purpose and plan laid out for you. God does everything for a reason! Pray. Pray for me. Pray for yourself. Pray for the world. I pray for you. May the Lord work in your life the way that only He can. May he be with you, inspiring you to be exactly as he desires. May you realize your impact here on Earth and seek everlasting life through Him. In His glorious name I pray; Amen.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I LOVE this picture of me. That is rare. I am wering the jacket my mom made for me-heading out to the Broadway production of Momma Mia!

A fairly good snap shot of my Easter blessings!

Emilee, Melanie, Madison, Samantha, Hollan, Aubrey, and Jace-ready to hunt eggs out back at Danielles!

Brian and Chris manning the grill for Eater dinner!

The Easter bunny came and was quite pleased with himself....the results!

Our Stay-at-home-mom group held a big Easter egg hunt and lunch at Haynes Park!

The Thornburgh's 1st Annual Easter Egg Coloring Party! I participated with my pink polka dot eggs!

Aubrey, Jace, and Hollan worked diligently.

This was obviously the set-up PRE-party!
We had a wonderful church service and enjoyed the day! Thank you Lord!

Monday, April 6, 2009

So....20 days?! Anyone worried?!

If so, thank you for your concern. In not, why not?! lol We left for our first trip back to Kansas on the 18th of March. We returned on the 24th, with a new dog and the flu. The REAL flu, followed by a stomach virus and I have been miserable up until 2 days ago! Unbelievable! Ughh... I am so appreciative for health! Seriously, at my lowest point, I was willing to trade my entire scrap stash for health. I prayed-and my bff Brandi brought me disolvable Zofran and her comfort and medicine began my restoration. We had to reschedule Aubrey's 5th Birthday Party and I missed Brandi's Catholic commitment wedding, plus openeing day of Little Leauge! I am feeling much better now and cleaning the disaster that occurred. You will not see any pictures of my fantastic scrapbook finds, as I consider that evidence and I dont want to convict myself. Enjoy the rest of the trip and happenings detailed for you below!

This is what I found when I went to pack Chris' suitcase. Hollan had been fretting, running around packing his teeny Thomas backpack so as not to be left-and then he fell asleep....

Jace's good friend Zach was speechless when Jace showed up at his door. It was Jace's 8th Birthday and his wish to see him. They played and caught up for awhile....and I was there to snap pictures!

This is our kitty. We had to leave her with my mom, as we have free roaming coyotes out here and there are NO cats around. It would have been selfish to bring her and hope for the best. It was good to see her again.

My older sister turned 30 on March 13th. We held a surprise party for her when we were there. The theme was NERDY THIRTY! Jace did not willingly participate, but my step-father did, and my nephew Braxyn.

Here's the 4 of us. Yep-that's me with the uni-brow. I'm not really that fat....and I sewar it's impossible for Brandis or Brayla to look nerdy, which might equal ugly too! It was a blast. My mom and dad dressed up as well! Too much fun!

The 2 older girls shown here are Chelsey and Sara, they are my adopted daughters. They stayed the night with us once and attended the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party the following day. **Note: do NOT host a party at Chuck E. Cheese on a Sunday!

The clebration was for both Jace and Aubrey's birthday. This is my beautiful baby sis Brayla. She has a sense of humor similar to mine and always makes me smile.

Me and Brax! LOVE HIM!

My BFF Chrissy and I. We had a great day shopping and exploring in Old Town, including an impromptu photo shoot-not shown :) Love her-and miss her.

And debuting....Benjamin. This is our new 'puppy' Ben. He is a blue doberman and sweet as pie-though you still wouldn't climb our fence in the middle of the night-would ya?!

We're still doing some training, but he is huse-broken and I love him already!

That's me-holding the first bottle of water I've ever drank in my entire life. Yep-EVER. Quite an accomplishment from the Eastern medicine doctor I had seen. Thanks Randy. He also released some pent up energy and anger and over all made me a better person ;)

Finally-this is the view from my seat. on our way back. We wre STUFFED in to return with everything acquired and left. I even had my legs crossed and my bead box underneath me! It's amazing we made it with our sanity.
The suitcases are unpacked and I am pre-paring for the reschedule of the Princess birthday party! I have yet to Easter shop and I nedd to do about a million other things. But...I can check bloggin off my list! Blessings.....