Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey Janet (and fans)!!

Heidi Swapp's very own Janet Hopkins is doing a give away through her blog. You all know I'm a devote Heidi fan, after all, my favorite color combo is PINK/black/white. I've really been liking Janet a lot lately (and not just because she's another pretty red head)! Do you know how great Janet is??!! So great that she's giving away her own H.S. releases. The deal is that you have to show yourself using the mirrors. And, it just so happend that I have incorporated them into my creative journal. Heres a sneak peek. It inspires me. I hope it inspires YOU.....and Janet. wink.

P.S. Sorry about the random order.....I'm still adjusting to uploading photos!! *MUAH*

Monday, July 28, 2008

More Recovery....continued!

First-my husband loaded everything I needed and I found it TOO CUTE that he buckled in my pedi supplies!!! Kim Bartunek was there (I heart her so much) and turned her shirt into "coolies" and modeled for me! And....MY STASH-including that adorable PINK tote that I got for $4!!!! Oh yeah.....

More Recovery

It must be the excitment of having so much fun that leaves me recovering the following day of a crop. Diva Designs Olympic crop was this the 26-27 nin Lawrence. It was AMAZING! The women there are AMAZING! I was welcomed as an old friend to their scrap family and it was incredible. They embraced us and I am cherishing the new found friendships. We worked our butts off and 20 women are more relaxed (with darling toes) because of me and my other Brynne! We 'delflowered' several and laughed A LOT! I am invited back and encouraged to participate in about 5 additional crops! WOW! I am so very blessed to combine my passion with "work!" It is both inspiring and encouraging. I'll hop down off of my joyful soap box now.........

Wait....did I mention the vendors?!?! I spent more than EVER with my old friend Heather Scott from The Angel Company, Sabrina from Scrappy Chicks, and the Diva girls and their phenomonal projects!

Oh....and the WORST part.....I didnt realize my parrafin wax cord was caught in the chair I went to move and....YEP....spillled the ENTIRE thing....every last drop onto the convention center carpet!!!! I refrained from cursing out loud and confessed to the hotel guy, pleading for forgiveness. To my suprise he wasn't upset at all!! extra cleaning bill!! Thanks Holiday Inn!!!

I need to unpack now. My hubby unloaded when I came home and I need to wrap up paper work. I had hoped the laundry/dish/cleaning fairy had visited while I was away; but that is not the case.

kiss, kiss, hug, hug

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Apron Pride!

This is one of the NEW APRONS I have made for my business! My DL was happy to model for me (please excuse the scrubby hair and dorito mustache :) There are 3 pockets in the front and I just L-O-V-E the trim and flower...and the buttons....and the rhinestones!!! I am excited to debut them this weekend at the Diva Designs crop. There are more cut trims, decorations and FUN! Oh...and shirts too! Altered Brynn style, of course. Just had to share my excitement. They may be offered for purchase soon if everyone hearts them as much as I do!

P.S. We still have 2 spots available in the van for our CKC journey next month if you're interested!

Monday, July 21, 2008

CKC for me!!

It looks like I'll be attending CKC in Tulsa next month! I am SuPeR is my 1st!!! I'll be road trippin' with a couple of GREAT gals, but we have room for more if YOU are interested! daughter is really into taking my picture with her princess camera; I must go pose!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wasting precious time

I should probably be savoring this time in my scrap room....but then again if I get up, Hollan will want to too. He's watching Word World, one of MY new favs on PBS. Everything on the show is made out of the letters that spell it. Does that make sense? If there's a pig on the show his body is p-i-g and so on. So I'm blog stalking and checking my regular sites and such. I think I'm going to work on t-shirt designs next. I want shirts that sy "Flair Girl" and "Frill Girl" I know you'll want one too! Don't fret, they'll likely be available for purchase next time you see us! I'm having trouble finding any shirt bases over 1XL, any recommendations? Let me know if you have a color/size request! I've had a layout idea floating around since Sat. but I need just the perfect paper. My CTMH gal was back Sat night and rounded it up for Gina to bring me last night and .....she forgot. ARGH! My therapist says that when my expectations are high I need to remember that we're all human....that means we all have fault...EVEN me, or is that ESPECIALLY me?! So we're booking for my first CKC! Yep-I've never gone. Huelsman, Gina, Julie and I will be sashaying our way to Tulsa next month! I'm really looking forward to it. There's great stuff to be had (that I'm OUT OF ROOM for) and memories to be made! Ok....on to those tee designs.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Becoming a Diva

I am thrilled to be offering our "frills" at the upcoming Diva Designs crop in Lawrence. If you are available you're welcome to car pool with us....and sleep on the floor! It's going be awesome! I am working on my Creative Journal from Pinecone Press. It's coming along well...and the paint should be dry now so I'm off to create. Blessings!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Anyone still reading me?

Well I'm glad. Seems I've forgotten how to blog....or that I even have a blog. I've really been trying to focus and develop my business. Please check out my website at It is still in progress but getting there. If I can find a few more designers I'll feel complete. I have a fabulous group of "frill girls" and need a few more "flair"! It is definately more work than I ever imagined. smile.

Summer Ganza is now wrapped up. It went off without much of a hitch. Wherever you nhave that many women gathered that closely there's bound to be a little drama! We completed 51 services without complaint (that I know of)! It is SO great to see old friends and make new ones! If you haven't hung out with Kim B. from Topeka, you should look her up. And if you haven't noticed how AMAZING Michielle Doll is; you're missing out. Put them both on your list to seek out for Fall Ganza! Oh....I can't foget the Diva Design girls; they're GREAT! And they have great stuff too. I indulged a little. wink. I have finished the necessary paper work and am preparing the calendar.

It's a domestic day and the laundry is calling....or maybe that's the children.

Until next time......