Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year, A New Decade, A New Life

I love that the idea of the New Year brings with it feelings of a 'new life.' Now-you can be the person you've always wanted to be-do all the things you've wanted to do.... I'm not regretful at all; I just want to be better. I suppose we're all striving for that, and really, we shouldn't ever stop!

I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to have had this photo session. We got up and around EARLY (well for Chris anyways ;) and I'm delighted at the outcome. I've always wanted to have maternity photos done, but I didn't want any solos. This 1st one, of Chris and I, is my favorite. He's usually so stressed out from my natzi-picture-taking stance that he's physiccally unable to take a good photo! Well-I took a different approcah this time-and it worked! This photo captures the intimacy of our pregnancy perfectly.

The kids had solo pictures done, but because I often do those myself, we didn't purchase any. I was already spending quite a bit of money, so we ultimately decided to get some of the 'rarer' ones! Mind you-I have been saving personally for this photo session-as a memory preservor, it's a great way to splurge!!
These 2 of Aubrey and Hollan are a perfect reflection of their personalities.

This was the only decent one of the 3 of them!

This is the family photo we chose for our package deal. Again, it's reflective of who we are. It's not perfect, with staged smiles, sitting down, etc.-and I think that's why I love it! I didn't even realize Aubrey was posing-but that's Aubs.

The kids have LOVED having their hands all over my belly-talking and rubbing and kissing their baby brother!

Another great family photo, even if it will need to be re-done within the month! lol

One of the first few we took. I posted the best first ;)

It has been a struggle the past few weeks, but I felt amazing today-and I thank the Lord for that! Only one more day til the kids go back to school, and less than a month now until our new little boy will enter the world! WOW! 2010 is beginning fast. My biggest resolution (or goal) is to be more optomistic. I feel that doing this will better enhance ALL areas of my life. Here's to the best year yet! ~B.