Monday, November 24, 2008

Air Balloons and Road Runners

Those 2 things are quite common around her-and in the last few days we've had our closest encounters yet! First-we went to explore higher ground, as the clouds were coming up from behind the mountains and whisping up like fingers grabbing them. Needless to say I wanted a picture (without a power line in it). In our upward search a road runner ran across the (yep you guessed it) road! Then-it stopped, posed, and let me take a great picture of it!!! (Chrissy says it must be a scrapbook road runner)! Saturday, Eagle Ranch Gymnastics was having their grand opening. We've been looking for a good class for Hollan so we checked it out. It was awesome-and even better with tethered hot air balloon rides available. Oh-and I don't know who the hell that skinny kid is-but he was NOT welcome in my pictures!! I've also included a few shots of my continuing effort to make the house a home.

What the CRAP?!? My picture folder shows those turned counter-clockwise!! Arrrggghhh....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mini Me

Because it is ABSOLUTELY too fabulous to keep to myself; I am going to attempt to upload a video to share with you (It's at the bottom. Scroll down and push play NOW). It's just a short clip but worth watching none the less. Afterwards I asked her why she was doing this and she said. "Because I want to be like you mommy!" I suppose I need to remember that more frequently so that I can be the person I want HER to be. Rumor has it that I did this myself as a child, though I must say I think it WASN'T with livestock/farm animals!

I've made some more advances on the house. Laundry is quite daunting right now but it never does itself (no matter how much, I hope, dream or even PRAY it to).

My hair has gone darker for fall, as it tends to. Oh-we visited Roswell, NM for our Saturday day trip this past weekend. It is famous for "The Roswell Incident" to be followed by Area 51. It was a lot of fun. The WHOLE town is geard towards aliens. Their well stocked scrapbook store carried some great UFO styled stuff for my advantage too! I'll add a few of those pics for your enjoyment too!

I'm taking an online class that is going really well. It's definately more work than I thought it entailed but I think it'll be worth it. I've been massaging on the side. I did the deepest tissue EVER on Monday, and my shoulders are still paying the price! My Christmas shopping is underway, but I have a "Monkey Birthday" to put on first! (Both the child AND the theme is/are MONKEY!)
I received a subponea to appear for a court trial on the 25th. I must note that I was a WITNESS and not involved in any way! (It's for my sisters ex(THANK GOD) boyfriend). Unfortunately for any of you missing me-I will not be returning for it, as they "let you out" of your obligation if you reside more than 60 miles away-and I'm about 600.

WOW! This video is taking FOREVER to process. I don't know how much more babbling you can take! Oh-and now it's sideways! Sorry-turn your head!!!! ....but I turned those samn pictures!!!

Ok-stuff to do-my husband's acting like a retard-I'll try to get pictures for next time. *MUAH*

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So-wanna know a secret? I have had a Cricut Expression and the Software for almost a year now and up until yesterday-I HAD NEVER USED EITHER! I kno-it's just crazy. I decided I wanted to experiment with vinyl for my walls and then my Expression wouldn't co-operate! I called Tracey and we tried a few things but she hadn't used the vinyl or 12x24 mat. She reffered me to Summer. AHHHH! I had never actually TALKED to Summer-she's PERFECT and I've always been intimidated! I took the leap-and she called me. And get this-she's also SUPER SWEET! (I keep hoping to find out she's like a female Dexter or has some other dark side;) So-she told me she always just uses her software. And after uploads and updates-IT WORKED! I painted the accent pices to coordinate with my colors and IT IS BEAUTIFUL (if I do say so myself)! My only regret is that I waited this long!!! Uppercase Living? Why? I can cutom make wall accents for 90% of the cost! Is my excitement coming through my blog?!?! I've gotta go-my vinyl awaits!!!!

P.S. I couldn't have done it without you Summer. THANKS!

P.S.S. Do you like my miniature dachsund accent on the sofa?!?!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out for Laffs

Yes-I know that I spelt that untraditionally-that's the name of the comedy club we went to Saturday night for date night. We went with our friends Danielle and Brian, Russ, Jackie and Rebecca. It was a BLAST. Afterwards those of us that rode together (the first 3 listed) went to Turtle Mountain for a drink. It was a fabulous night. Special thanks to my friend Janalynn who opted to stay home and keep my 3 along with her 3!

Speaking of laughs-I found out a few days ago that my husband can STAND ON HIS HEAD! YEP! And I have pictures to prove it! How could he not have ever mentioned this skill? After a few minutes I demanded he become upright again-still laughing at the remarkability of the situation.

We all joined Chris for a call to Gallup, 8 miles outside of Arizona. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Cracker Barrel and then explored Red Rock Park, notably named for its GIANT RED ROCKS! The most interesting part was Church rock. It was cloudy and somewhat chilly but enjoyablle none the less.

I'm fairly tired to bed. Hop you're enjoying sweet dreams!
P.S. The pictures are obviously in backwards order of my narration. I always forget which way to load them! More to come from the Museum of Natural History and "Mini-Me!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

To satisfy loyal blog stalkers.....


Everything is progressing nicely. IT amazes me how quickly the days pass. It seems as though I updated a few days ago, but it's going on 2 weeks! I'm disappointed that ScrapFunattic has chosen to try the upcoming Ganza without my frills, but I respect their choice and I hope it is successful none the less. I will miss those of you that I may otherwise not see! (Complaints can be yielded at 316.733.0029!)

I am still trying to make the house a home. It's slow going. Halloween was fabulous. In oposite fashion, I have posted the pics on my myspace, but not here. I attended a Pampered Chef party Monday night. 4 of us girls went together while the husbands kept the kids and had pizza! It was quite exciting for me, as I had always envisioned such things in my life. I joined a Stay-at-home-moms group through Meetup. If you are not familiar with this up and coming internet wonder, you should definately do so! We went to the Fur, Feathers, and Fins tour yesterday at PetCo. It rocked! I had previously joined a scrap group through the same venue, but have not had the opportunity to actually join them as of yet. Our "Little Monkeys" group is fairly large, with at least 1 event available each week. I look forward to more.

Yesterday, as I pulled in the pre-school drive to pick up Aubrey, I over shot where I was and crashed into a big pole. I would like to make up a much better story to accompany the damage the van sustained, but what can I say-I'm too honest.

It's getting cold here. I slept downstairs last night in front of the fire because my stingy husband refuses to let the heater be over 70 degrees. :( It is EMMENSELY windy right now with advisorys. You couldn't even see the mountains on account of the blowing dirt. It was intense. Oh-and there are real tumbleweeds that are bigger than I am! Really!

Laundry is is everything else. Call or e-mail anytime. *MUAH*