Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Out for Laffs

Yes-I know that I spelt that untraditionally-that's the name of the comedy club we went to Saturday night for date night. We went with our friends Danielle and Brian, Russ, Jackie and Rebecca. It was a BLAST. Afterwards those of us that rode together (the first 3 listed) went to Turtle Mountain for a drink. It was a fabulous night. Special thanks to my friend Janalynn who opted to stay home and keep my 3 along with her 3!

Speaking of laughs-I found out a few days ago that my husband can STAND ON HIS HEAD! YEP! And I have pictures to prove it! How could he not have ever mentioned this skill? After a few minutes I demanded he become upright again-still laughing at the remarkability of the situation.

We all joined Chris for a call to Gallup, 8 miles outside of Arizona. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Cracker Barrel and then explored Red Rock Park, notably named for its GIANT RED ROCKS! The most interesting part was Church rock. It was cloudy and somewhat chilly but enjoyablle none the less.

I'm fairly tired to bed. Hop you're enjoying sweet dreams!
P.S. The pictures are obviously in backwards order of my narration. I always forget which way to load them! More to come from the Museum of Natural History and "Mini-Me!"


doggiemom said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Good to see that you are making some friends so you don't miss all of us quite so much. So have you met any goofy girls yet??? LOL How about scrapbookers so you have someone to be creative with?

GeMaBarb said...

Who do you think showed him how to stand on his head...? Wasn't his father!