Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Business Blog

To keep everything straight I have started a business blog Everything creative and business related will be posted there and I will use this for family. Hope to see you over there too! MWAH

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Return from my blogger leave of absence....

January 14th I met my best friend Brandi at the mall for the sneek preview of 'Dear John.' It was cancelled and we needed to talk anyways so we headed towards The Buckle to try on jeans (ok-at 8 months pregnant, I was not the one trying on jeans, Bran made up for the both of us in her dressing room excursion though). She made her selections and we left. Apparently all that walking had taken its toll however and on the morning of January 15, 2010 I began having contractions at about 10:30. (It was my best friend Chrissy's 30th birthday and my good friend Danielle's birthday as well-we were all going out that night). Being 5 weekes from my due date, I figured they would go away so I went to take a hot bath and lay down. By 11:30 I had called Chris and asked him to get me and take me to the hospital so that they could give me the labor stopping medications I had had 3 weeks prior. He said he was finishing up some work and would then be home. I called him about 20 minutes later to say that "now was a good time for me!" We took Hollan to Danielle's and proceeded to Lovelace. They hooked my up to all the typical monitors and we waited.....and waited and then spoke with a Dr. that was a little less than friendly. We were to just monitor the contractions (that were now every1-2 minutes) and wait some more. Again less than friendly, Dr. Peng returned to say she was going to perform a c-section on another patient and then she would check in with me. We requested a different OB/GYN but apparently they only keep one. At this point Chris and I decided we'd rather wait at home, but she insisted we couldn't leave because of the risk to myself should I go into labor having had 3 c-sections previously. We made arrangements for the kids to go to Danielle's after school. My contractions then got more intense and more frequent and Dr. Peng (who by this time had changed her disposition to be more friendly (much to our delight) decided we needed to perform my c-section. My other best friend Jean was more than happy to go get our other 3 kids so that Danielle could continue with her birthday celebration. We were in surgery preparation within half an hour and an amazing anestheia named Ray that made everything go as smoothly as possible. Our baby boy was born at 8:08 that evening. He did not cry. I knew he wasn't breathing and prayed with fever. The NICU team worked furiously while I kept asking why he wasn't crying. One of the NICU team then stated, "I can't get him to breathe!" I then looked up to my husband who was holding my hand, and said, "Pray with me!" He replied, "I already am." I then gathered up every bit of conviction I had and declared to God, "LORD, BREATHE LIFE INTO MY CHILD!" and as I felt Him and saw the soft glow around me, He did. It was the most amazing spiritual experience of my life, and our baby was rushed away to the NICU. Following the regular c-section procedure it was time to remove the tumor that had been growing on my right ovary since the second month of my pregnancy. Seth Heckram (the resident) discovered that the tumor had over-grown the ovary and it was necessary for them to remove it entirely. Once they had finished, I was wheeled into post-op to wait 2 hours. Chris joined me there when he had returned from the NICU and Brandi came in as well. I was alert and almost immediately began declaring that I felt different than I had with my other c-sections. I continued to complain of discomfort and how normally I don't feel so much hurt so soon. The nurse assured me that it was normal and returned to her paperwork. For the enitre 2 hours Brandi and Chris listened as I repeated my concern with the discomfort and pain. Brandi left shprtly before I was to go upstairs to my room. Finally, when my 2 hour mark had come, the nurse began to wheel me to my room on the recovery floor. I looked up to Chris and told him, "I feel like I can't get enough air." At once, my vitals dropped and alrams sounded and everyone began clamboring around. Just as if I were in a medical t.v. series, doctors and nurses rushed around frantically yelling, "She's crashing!" "Get the ____ STAT!" etc. My vision dimmed in a black hazy circle and Dr. Peng leaned over to say, "Stay with us Brynn." They determined I was bleeding internally and made immediate preparations for my return to surgery. I requested that Chris be with me, but of course it was denied. I told him I was scared and he said, "Me too." I was wheeled away briskly and back into the cold surgical room. Ray was there, waiting kindly but working diligently on my anesthesia. I asked Dr. Peng if I would wake up again and she said, "We'll do the best we can." Ray began yelling at the staff saying, "Maybe next time when a patient is continually telling you something is wrong you can listen to her. Maybe all of you can learn from this!" It was endearing. I again asked Dr. Peng if she promised I would wake up and she again said, "We'll do the best we can." I told her that I didn't want a stock hospital answer. They were waiting on a blood transfusion to begin the surgery, yelling at each other. When the blood had finally arrived they had a tube beside my head (to be used for intubation) and everything was gone. It later seemed as though it must have went quickly, becuase it had only been 15 minutes. It had been nearly 5 hours. his emergency surgery required 6 units of blood through a transfusion. My last blood pressure that registered was 50/7. I awoke in the most intense pain I have ever experienced in my life. It was unfathomable. I was screaming in agony and am embarassed for my behavior. I had a morphine pump that provided no relief. After I left the ICU and went into my room my body had finally worn down enough to maintain rational behavior! I had demanded to see my baby immediately, however I was unable to walk, move or resemble a normal person in any way, rendering it impossible. My body immensely swollen from my head to my toes (literally). I was unable to open my eyes more than a crack. The minutes passed like hours. The following day Ray came to visit me, calming sitting down on the other bed and expressing his grief over the situation stating that, "We almost lost you." Are there more humbling words to ever hear?! I was able to meet our new baby boy that night. I had never been in the NICU before and it is a difficult experience. Obviously none of the patients there are doing well-and they're BABIES!! Seeing my sweet son with tubes everywhere was heart breaking. Because their veins are so little the IV's commonly bust and by the time we left the hospital 10 days later, he had had 5 IV's, 2 of which were in his head! Chris was tenderly cautious to hold him for fear of pulling any of the connections. His bellyrubin was over double the recommendation so he was put on light therapy. He had fluid in his lungs and would forget to breathe so oxygen was required continuously. I pumped breast milk for him, only to find out the following day that they refused it becuase of my medications. That was a hard blow as well. Also, due to my severe condition, I was only able to be in the NICU for a couple hours per day, spending the remaining time alone in my room suffering. I required a special pump that went in through an entry above my surgical incision. It had to be drained of blood and fluid every hour. Eventually I willed myself to be stronger and pushed to walk and move. Chris was needed at home with the children so I spent most of my 5 day hospitalization alone, with the exception of 1 visit from Brandi and an interuppted visit from Altaira. It was a dark time mentally and is still dificult to reflect on.

We eventually decided to name him Eli Stuart Thornburgh. We had called him 'Elliott' in utero. Chris like 'Elias' but I did not, so we dropped all of the endings and call him Eli! Stuart is my favorite mother-in-laws's maiden name so we chose to honor her with a namesake.

Currently we are both recovering well. I ended up with extended complications but they are resolving. Eli continues to vomit excessively, however it is better than originally and he gas gained weight steadily. He requires a specialized formula which I refer to as 'the million dollar formula!' We are using special bottles as well and he takes medication for the reflux and hyperemisis. He is a delightful addition to our family.

We have had company from the day he came home so we're not quite back into a normal routine but grateful for the love and support. We've also had amazing friends (Danielle, Janalyn and Anna King) that provided food in a desperate time. I thank the Lord for each and every person the Lord has blessed us with. I am trying to be 'me' again but the process has been slow. The children love their new brother as well. Jace is pretty indifferent but Aubrey and Hollan must hold and kiss him continuously through the day. Aubrey is struggling a little with the adjustment but we are doing our best.

This is a picture of Eli (commonly referred to as 'baby boy Thornburgh') is the NICU. That is as IV in his head, oxygen and saturation leads with the baby eye goggles as well.

These are our official photos and much easier on the eyes than the above!

I L-O-V-E baby feet.....

If you look closely here Eli's suffering is reflected in the scabs at the heels of his feet for repeated blood draws.

And this is our precious baby in his daddy's loving loving arms!

Although the journey has been the most difficult experience of my life, the reward is undeniably worth every pain-staking minute!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year, A New Decade, A New Life

I love that the idea of the New Year brings with it feelings of a 'new life.' Now-you can be the person you've always wanted to be-do all the things you've wanted to do.... I'm not regretful at all; I just want to be better. I suppose we're all striving for that, and really, we shouldn't ever stop!

I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to have had this photo session. We got up and around EARLY (well for Chris anyways ;) and I'm delighted at the outcome. I've always wanted to have maternity photos done, but I didn't want any solos. This 1st one, of Chris and I, is my favorite. He's usually so stressed out from my natzi-picture-taking stance that he's physiccally unable to take a good photo! Well-I took a different approcah this time-and it worked! This photo captures the intimacy of our pregnancy perfectly.

The kids had solo pictures done, but because I often do those myself, we didn't purchase any. I was already spending quite a bit of money, so we ultimately decided to get some of the 'rarer' ones! Mind you-I have been saving personally for this photo session-as a memory preservor, it's a great way to splurge!!
These 2 of Aubrey and Hollan are a perfect reflection of their personalities.

This was the only decent one of the 3 of them!

This is the family photo we chose for our package deal. Again, it's reflective of who we are. It's not perfect, with staged smiles, sitting down, etc.-and I think that's why I love it! I didn't even realize Aubrey was posing-but that's Aubs.

The kids have LOVED having their hands all over my belly-talking and rubbing and kissing their baby brother!

Another great family photo, even if it will need to be re-done within the month! lol

One of the first few we took. I posted the best first ;)

It has been a struggle the past few weeks, but I felt amazing today-and I thank the Lord for that! Only one more day til the kids go back to school, and less than a month now until our new little boy will enter the world! WOW! 2010 is beginning fast. My biggest resolution (or goal) is to be more optomistic. I feel that doing this will better enhance ALL areas of my life. Here's to the best year yet! ~B.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Favorite Picture

It makes me smile just to think of it! Chris and I were sitting on the sofa when our then 3 year-old came down the stairs after bedtime-like this! Undies on backwards, tatos everywhere and his fireman hat with toothbrushes suctioned to it! OMG! We were ineffective as parents, because after we quit laughing-we took pictures! What can you do?! After we'd finally settled down and returned him to bed my husband looked over at me and said, "I didn't see that coming!" Oh-Hollan, they say each of our kids get funnier and funnier-so this last one should be a riot, right?! I am so grateful for the joy my sweet children bring to my life. We were happy previously, but adding these children in brought us happiness neither of us could have imagined!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


With the flare-up of my fibromalgia and the pain of this tumor, PLUS the back pain, etc. I have found myself in quite the predicament. I do not like to complain, however I find myself doing so frequently, becuase it is all my mind encompasses. I have tried traditional forms of help, such as heat, ice, and topical muscle creams with no relief. I have also tried contemporary forms of help such as massage, acupuncture and oriental medicine, again with no relief. I am avoiding my pain medication because if I take it, the baby will be required to remain in the NICU for up to 2 weeks following delivery to be withdrawn. I can't stand the thought of that, yet I can't stand the pain either. It interferres with everyday activity and I am an angry, irritable person laying around crying and writhing. If you are reading this, please send some extra prayers this way for me and my family. Thanks, Brynn

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This 1st one is my favorite of all of those taken.

This swimsuit shows just how pregnant I am!

Even on a cloudy day the ocean was BEAUTIFUL!

We were able to take our picture with the Mexican dancers after their show!
It was a stunning vacation. We had a private pool, unlimited drinks and 5 star restaurant food. The opportunity was amazing and I'm thankful to have had the expeience-and a stamp on my passport!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We've Returned-and I'm grateful!

Chris and I JUST returned from a luxury vacation on the Mexican Riveria at the Secret SilverSands Resort in Cancun! It was a whirlwind and we were treated like royalty there. As amazing as it was to be served NAB Pina Coladas on the beach, I was grateful to land safely back on US soil and return to see my children! Our reality is amazing as well and I find myself feeling more thankful. I'm trying to adapt an 'attitude of gratitude' as we have so very many blessings. I wasn't physically feeling well today, so we skipped church, but I am still humbled by the inspiring friends and church family we've found at Destiny Center. Our pastor is amazing, the kids have 2 special grandmas, and we have many who care and think about us. My new friend and customer Charlene had placed a CTMH order I delivered, and it was nice to chat with her for awhile and feel I have something to offer her and her business!

Oh-and an update on the craft show from my previous post.... I sold a few hand-made things and even better, found a few people who would like to learn as well. The best part?! The director of the Rio Rancho Parks and Recreation Dept. stopped by my booth and asked if I would teach for them!! I finished class descriptions for 4 classes to be offered in the upcoming Spring catalog, where I will be able to extend services and the papercrafting community with thousands of local people! I'm even offering 2 special classes for children and seniors! YAY!

I'll try to get into Abq. tomorrow and work on my photos to share. I'm caught up on e-mails, but haven't begun christmas cards yet. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday morning-10 more weeks til our new baby boy will be here! WOW!

I hope you are well and finding yourself in the Christmas spirit. Remember to stop and be grateful today. ~With blessing, B.